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I’m Back and the Timberwolves still suck January 2, 2008

Posted by netsophobia in New Jersey Nets.

Not like the Nets are doing any better of course but hey, they’re at least doing something except for the fact that they cant win at home, but come on, when the home crowd’s as dull as A.C Green, I’d rather play away from home. Let’s say I came back from vacation/camp whatever you call it, and the first thing I see when I clicked on my computer is the Nets getting their asses kicked by the Wizards, oh fuck the Wizards, who’s supposed to be losing ten straight but instead is a steady 16-16, and wow, the next thing you know, the Blazers are on a 13 game run, wow, what’s next Benazhir Bhutto rising from her coffin?

One thing that didnt change was that the Nets are still inconsistent, Jason Collins still plays basketball like a hamster, the Heat got Wade back and suck, the Wolves have nothing and still sucks, what are they now 3-22? the next time they win a game the world’s gotta shoot fireworks, ward off evil spirits you know, keep the streak going. Oh, I didn’t know Durant got himself injured already, wow, I’m missing alot, and the Jazz have a record that’s inferior when compared to the Blazers? WTF? the last time that happened, there wasn’t any sex scandals arising from Malaysia yet, and since when Brandon Roy had the ability the put people onto posters? this is sick, I’m dreaming 2008, just got worse and it’s only two days.

Actually things aren’t that bad for the Nets, except that they had to watch the Lakers playing in some boxers and Lamar Odom laying the smackdown on Ray Allen, I don’t know why he did that I guess its just the festive mood that got to him, let’s just say we need to get things straight at home, then we’re a motorboat again, right now we’re a schooner, we can steam but we cant go full speed because we dont have our own home port, once we get things settled at home we be rolling, I mean how many team in this fucken league right now that’s under 0.500 and have a winning road record? heck no, we just need that extra gear, which also brings us to the question, who’s bringing the spare parts? I’ve seen (yes I watched abit), Josh Boone start and I must say he is promising, then there’s Weed Boy Williams, but where the fuck is Jamaal Magloire? can I not say this anymore, must I mention his name all the time before he starts getting minutes? If there’s no Jason Collins in this team, I would have said Malik Allen is the piece of shit this team needs to get rid of big time.

Woosh, I haven’t even reached the point where Kiki Vandeass was named special assistant or some kind of handicapped title to join the team, what I do remember of Kiki? hmm, other than the fact that he’s a blasphemer and he played for the Nuggets? I don’t really know, oh yeah, he’s a hypocrite as well, one moment, Michael redd’s the best, next Kobe Bryant’s the best, what’s next, my balls taste the best? Let’s hope he doesn’t bring the team down just like how he nearly bought Denver down that crack head.

If it was last season, I would’ve told you that the Nets are in line for a big run somewhere, and seeing how the Blazers got themselves to 13 unbelieavably, hey when they have Steve Blake starting for them, it gives you the believe that anythings possible, so I’m thinking they got Steve Blake we’ve got a backup that’s better than Blake in Williams, we can go on a 13 game run too, I’m all hopes up for that run to come but first we have to learn to win at home.

I’m starting to get the hang of things again but there won’t be any tags for this because I’m just freaking lazy and I need a life, Nets – Magic tomorrow and Hedo < Rashard Lewis, no previews and no updates on the sidebar yet, cheers, Happy New Year Steve Bruce sucks.




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