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Game Recap, Half Spirited Musings, Big Announcement, Red Soxs Suck December 7, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jason Kidd, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, Recap.

Yeah, we lost to the god damned Knicks, wow, and Jason Kidd’s on a strike, double wow, why is Kidd on strike? well, they said he’s basically sick with the team’s direction and doesn’t like to play on a team of loozers, that is us Nets, yo man, I can feel you dude, I know you want a championship, but man you can go on a strike supporting anti whaling organizations in Japan while we got beat by someone like Jamal Crawford..

Oh Jason said he had migraines? well, because the media’s been spreading shit about how Kidd is trying to force a trade or maybe getting a new contract, so I believe he’s got a migraine no shit alright, besides, he’s Jason Kidd, he’s the Nets, if anyone on this league wants to sit out a game or two, Jason Kidd is the one, and if he’s really sick and tired of this team, why wouldn’t he be?, Vince Carter’s playing at a low level, RJ’s been good but really doesn’t change things, I have Kidd’s back over this issue, fuck those shit, but still it’s not a good thing to happen, because every fucking December now, this team has to deal with whether should they blow the fucking team up or trade Kidd, and now I’m reaching a point after seeing how this season is heading, yeah maybe we should. But we can only think about the worse only when this team is buried real deep in the standings.

Outstanding. Kidd hasn’t always been an altar boy in his six-plus years as a Net. There was his transparent execution of Byron Scott a couple of years ago. There was the regularity with which he and his ex-wife used to hijack Page Six. There were the comments a few weeks ago, on the West Coast, where he talked about his frustrations at the Nets’ inability to retain their place of prominence among Eastern Conference teams.

I’ll let you guess where that quote came from..

Yes, yesterday’s loss to the Knicks was terrible terrible terrible, because they had no Curry no Marbury no shit, and we still lost, but one can’t help symphatizing the team when your starting point guard is Eddie Gill and your back up point guard is nobody. FREE SEAN WILLIAMS!

On other news, I’m going on a vacation, until the 12th, which means this site would probably be dead for a couple of days, which I hope by the time I return, Jason Collins would be dead, and this team is hoppe 12-10.



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