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Regular Season Game 16: Escape from Monkey Island December 2, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Atlantic Division, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia Sixers, Recap.

The Nets almost did it in the game against the Grizzlies, and this time they completed it against the Sixers, who led by 15 points at the half but we somehow manage to miss that many clutch free throws to let them back into the game at the end but they didn’t, big wow as they finally win at HOME.

Philadelphia 76ers' Jason Smith, right, blocks a shot by New Jersey Nets' Sean Williams during the second quarter of NBA basketball Saturday night, Dec. 1, 2007 in East Rutherford, N.J.
Sean Williams getting a taste of his own medicine by an unlikely dud. in Jason Smith.       

I can say this is a season of firsts for me, this is the first time I’m happy to see Jason Collins coming up with a loose ball and even bowling someone over. The Sixers defense in the first half was just crazy, and the Nets responded to the defense by playing like Seattle, shooting jumpers early in the shotclock and not getting any penetration at all, the Sixers clamped down the paint and all the Nets coudld do was just chucking up threes and hope that they all fall. Even with the introduction of VC in the second quarter did nothing to help, they were just beyond horrendous in the first half.

With the big game against the Pistons tomorrow, how the Nets would play in this game is important, and their performance in the second half was the way they should be playing against the Pistons, the defense and the offense was the complete opposite of things, who knows what kind of weapon Lawrence Frank was aiming it at the team during halftime, maybe it’s Jason Collins’ toilet seat. wow, then we would have to thank Collins for that wouldn’t it?

The game totally changed in the second half when Jason Kidd started to turn on the engines and led the team in their fightback against the Sixers, and this game is saw Jason Kidd had his best shooting night in a long time 4 threes? did you say 4 threes?? it made Kyle Korver blush and LeBron James suddenly healthy again. Vince Carter in his sixth man role was excellent, and this is slowly turning into a very brilliant idea, RJ will try to the  get into his groove in the first while VC can provide the guns for the second unit, but still 51 million dollars to come off the bench??

PISTONS NEXT, let’s hope we hold them to a 10 point quarter again. oh did I mention Sean Williams had 4 blocks in this game?



1. coach - December 3, 2007

i was wonderin why frank continue to use vc as the 1st man off the bench if the nets continue to struggle at the start of the game? aha ! i know why . he wants vince to win the 6th man award !!!.

2. nbablogs - December 4, 2007

Take a look at nbablogs.info Almost all the blogs from each NBA team.

3. netsophobia - December 4, 2007

hahaha, thats possible! but considering the headstart that Manu Ginobili and Terry already has, best to scrap that idea off the book

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