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Regular Season Game 12: New Jersey Nets – Portland Trailblazers November 22, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Nate McMillan, NBA predictions, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Portland TrailBlazers.


A trip to Rip City to play against the Jail Blazers presents us with the best chance of breaking the six game losing streak of ours and prevent us from being the Celtics of 2006 and thus starting our get OJ Mayo here project, or maybe Michael Beasley.

The Blazers i must add are perfect at home (4-0), and count in the fact that the Nets are a horrible road team especially when travelling to the West, it’s going to be a tough game but when the other team’s starting point guard is Jarrett Jack, that’s always something to smile about =), and if the Nets win tonight, I am officially presenting my case to get a new laptop, one powerful enough to influnece referees to get more fouls called on Jason Collins so he gets to foul out in 21 minutes, oh did I tell you guys he and Malik Allen’s starting tonight’s game? totally horrible, just when we need Sean Williams to stuff the shit out of Aldrige, Frank gives us Collins to foul shit.

Hope Vince Carter plays tonight, even if 10 minutes he’s going to be a huge confidence booster. GO NETS!



1. Sunny - November 22, 2007

A much needed win. Kidd another trouble double. I hope he can average one this season! Carter will be back to his greaat shooting form and we shall see the Nets back into the Eastern Conference race. Too bad for Sean not starting this game and in foul trouble! We need Boki and Wright to shoot well. What happen to Krstic? I really hope to see the old form he had before averaging double double!

2. netsophobia - November 22, 2007

dude, this win was massive, we were going the Knicks route before Nachbar came back, seriously, guys like RJ, Kidd, and Carter, they’re gonna bring their stuff night in night out, it just depends on whether Toine or Boki decides whether to back them up and tonight Nachbar responded.

As for Krstic, I guess the longer he’s out rehabilating his leg the better, I don’t wanna rush things with him because the next time when I see him playing big minutes, I want him producing not smuffing it up during crunchtime.

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