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Regular Season Game 11: Introducing the Lowest Scoring Team in the NBA November 21, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in New Jersey Nets, Recap, Southeast Division, Utah Jazz, youtube.

The only consolation

Yeah, another game below 80 points, another game that proves our team can’t score for anything, Jason Kidd isn’t happy, the Jazz are celebrating, we’re losing ground on the Raptors, the Knicks are celebrating, the Nets are crying the hell out of nirvana. Richard Jefferson played well enough to not let me slaughter him with my keyboard, but still the third quarter collaspe again, isn’t that the Magic site? Why is this happening to us, have something like the first quarter blowup I’ll be happier, I guesss there’s only this to look forward to now, because Sean Williams is your new starting center, adios Jason, Seriously if Collins started the last three games, I doubt the team could break 60 points for god’s sake.

Bostjan Nachbar actually found his jumper in this game, but seriously, we are good defensively, we just can’t score, we need to play against some team from the Phillipines and beat the shit out of them to get the taste of scoring 100 points once again, or maybe better just organize a coaches – players match.

(edit: My comp blew out on me a few days ago, so I’ll have a hard time updating the site, but I’ll still do much more work and support the Nets in my sleep and have some voodoo charms with me while I’m taking the train or even eat more chillis which I’ve heard could help teams win when they’re losing, heck I would even go to the toilet less to save water if the Nets could break their losing streak in right about tomorrow maybe?)



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