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Regular Season Game 8: New Jersey Nets – Boston Celtics November 14, 2007

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How do we phrase this together? Yes, The Celtics are 6-0, and we don’t have Vince Carter with us, why does that line sound so familiar? anyway, losig VC for 3 weeks is definitely not a good thing, judging by what we saw from the Hornets game, as bad as Vince is playing, he still can make clutch baskets which I think we desperately needs right now to close out games. His condition is getting better so I think he could probably make it to the road trip out west.

Antoine Wright showed he could hold his own while starting in place of VC, and I expect a better performance fromhim tonight while holding Ray Allen to single digits and Allen crying and leaning on to KG’s shoulders doing some Celtback Mountain.

Bostjan Nachbar needs a big game and this is it, this is the game to regain your old guns of 2006-2007, we need firepower and you’re the only one left one the team stealing other people’s ammunition while saving up your own, it’s time to use all of them, shoot bricks at Doc Rivers if you have to.

Jason, you’ve been crazy rebounding the basketball and passing it, but man you gotta hit your shots, you gotta score more, you cant just defer to pricks like Jason Collins, you gotta score and lead the way before passing, be a score first point guard just for one night, catch is don’t shoot threes. Like Please don’t.

Richard, yeah, you’re the man now, I know you did something to Vince’s shoe but I wouldn’t care less if at the end of the night, you can put someone on the Celtics into a poster, and still score 30 ++ points, lockdown Pierce btw.

Sean Williams, Sean; you had that career game of yours agaist the Hornets in just 19 minutes only and everyone’s giving you love already, therefore it’s up to you to prove them wrong and show them it’s no fucking fluke.

Lawrence, I still hold a grudge on you for putting in Krstic therefore to you both, please buck up, the latter please make your free throws and don’t fucking force yourself and to the former, please don’t be the white Eddie Jordan, I have a faint heart. and, please play Jamaal Magloire, fucking paid 4 million for him to sit?

Jason Collins, YOU SUCK



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