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Regular Season Game 7: New Jersey Nets – New Orleans Hornets November 12, 2007

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Yes, I know that the Nets lost to the Celts in spectacular fashion BUT, that’s only one ame, did you see the Spurs whine after they lost to he Hawks? No, they came back and beat them down like fucks, so unless Boston’s winning the next three matchups, I’m not shutting up. screw you, Celt fans.

Next up, Vince Carter, out with a sprained ankle, on video it doesn’t look that bad, but the follow up news from it makes me feel scared already since Carter is one of the best players on the team and it’s another injury to our players, but on the bright side, we get to see Antoine Wright start and more minutes for Boki Nachbar to shut John Hollinger’s mouth up, just shut him up, I wonder how he gets paid for writing crap articles when his only real contribution to the basketball world was the PER ratings, fuckhole who’s so full of himself.

Oh Yea, where were we? We’re playing the Hornets next right, yea who are up to a fantastic 5-2 start themselves, I really don’t know much about the Hornets team which in my opinion are abit overrated, well Mo Peterson is overrated that’s what I meant, and uys like Bobby Jackson coming off the bench? dude’s been a six man in this league for the past 100 years, he’s still alive? wow.

The Hornets have the frontcourt that could win the game for them, Stojakovic, West and Chandler, name any of our Nets and none of them could match up to them favorbly, especially Jason Collins and Tyson Chandler, and they have Chris Paul, who I expect Kidd to take him into the point guard school for another lesson or two, all in all it’s important to bounce back wit a win after every loss, therefore cutting off a streak before it even grows one. GO NETS!



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