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Regular Season Game 5: Washington Wizards – New Jersey Nets November 9, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA predictions, NBA previews, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Washington Wizards.

New Jersey Nets (3-1)
Washington Wizards (0-3)

Let’s just say that we have the Wizard’s number, because last season, wever we needed something against the Wiz, we got it from them, read, games where Jason hit that record threes, and how we caught up from behind to snug that sixth seed, today we meet the Wizards again, where our dear Nets are off to their best start since that 4-0 start awhile ago, and the Wizards are off to their respective worst in 15 years. Talk about contrasting results.

Yeah, the Wizards are injured and frustrated, and many more, and they can’t spell Oleksiy Pecherov’s name correctly, ut they are still a very dangerous team, Gilbert Arena’s at 50% is still one of the best players in the league. Caron Butler, who is averaging more TOs than the word Turnover, and Brendan Haywood, who is playing crazy and can school our frontcourt is he feels like it, that’s why Jamaal Magloire should start, fuck Collins.

Looking at the bright side, the Wizards are just the exact team we wanna meet before we play the Celtics (that’s provided we beat Washington) why? because this team is the only team I can think of that has a worse frontcourt than ours, I’m not implying on anything but when your second best center is Blatche and he stays on the bench while some dude named Songaila is playing crunch minutes? that just sounds like Collins and this is the game we unleash the bigs in Magloire, Williams and Boone, don’t go the Wiz route and play Krstic or Allen or even Collins, don’t be a jumpshooting team, throw it in and let Magloire earn his minutes, and free throws.

Win this and we’re 4-1 for the first time in franchise history (kidding), but still it gives us a nice cushion going into the game agaisnt the Celtics knowing that they schooled Denver and T-Dot lost three straight to drop behind THE KNICKS???? thanks to Hedo.

Cheers =)



1. coach - November 9, 2007

the nets should find it easy to beat the WINLESS wiz. my queation is whether frank’s new motion offense affecting vc’s productivity ?

2. netsophobia - November 9, 2007

It certainly is, all those jammed finger crap are bullshit; since there’s less one on one’s for Vince for him to get his points, it’s probably going to get more time for him to reach up to 20 points for him. I’m not sure about the Wiz tho, because we’re both two very same teams, jumpshooting team.

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