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Pre-Season Game 1 Thread: Trioless Nets in action October 12, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA previews, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia Sixers.

Haven’t wrote a game thread in 3 months so that’s why I’m so excited, excited at the fact that Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, and Jason Kidd; oops, forgotten about Nenad Krstic so yeah. I’m really excited that the team would face a lousy team with their second team. Darrell Armstrong starting, Antoine Wright starting, and Jason Collins, YAY!

I’m also excited by the fact that I’ll be able to watch Sean Williams play and Darrell Armstrong yell. WOW, and I can also get to know how that tall white boy is doing after we nearly drafted him instead of Weed Boy. This game is a perfect barometer to see how the team’s second stringers perform agasint full strength teams.

Heres TEN THINGS that I would be love to see happen.
– Sean Williams stuffing the ass out of Thaddeus Young
– Jason Collins scoring ten points or any points.
– Which Net other than Jason Kidd could play the point.
– Sixers get beat
– Malik Allen and Josh Boone form a low post tandem (not likely)
– Chickens running around the court
– Darrell Armstrong dunking
– Bostjan Nachbar – Samuel Dalembert PART 2
– Antoine Wright hitting some threes
– Some player on the Nets getting ten assists

OH, It’s the Philadelphia Sixers against the New Jersey Nets, and it’s tomorrow. NICETIES.



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