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Buckle Up, Vince Carter is the Distributor September 30, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Marcus Williams, New Jersey Nets, Robert Hite, Team Injuries, Vince Carter.

I’m sure everyone has already gotten the ill news of Marcus Williams falling to some evil invisible injury that’s gonna leave him sitting for three weeks, but on a more important note, who’s gonna step up for Marcus Williams? We’ve, well myself at least, have always worried that Marcus wouldn’t be good enough to play behind Jason Kidd, but what I didn’t thought about was who’s going to play behind Marcus. Bernard Robinson? ya, send me some ass.

What’ve the team’s got left is Robert Hite, and obviously Hite is a shooting guard in a dwarf’s body, so asking him to play point guard for 20 minutes would spell the team S-E-L-F D-E-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N, but you can’t ask Jason Kidd to play 48 minutes a game, taht’s impossible. Hmm, What choices are we left with? Impossible to sign a PG to cover Marcus, since it’s just two weeks, and we have no roster space. (I was half thinking Jamal Tatum seriously.)

Welllll……, that can only leave us with one last choice. Yea, It had to be him, Vince Carter playing the point, we saw him do that to okay effect against the Cavaliers and with Robert Hite untested as a point guard. Vince Carter could very well see alot of minutes at the point, which also means we get to see more of Antoine Wright, oops.

And for those who have no idea what the hell happened to Marcus Williams, let’s have a small recap..

New Jersey Nets guard Marcus Williams has a fractured fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot and will undergo surgery, the team announced on Friday.

OCT 2nd. people.



1. Jerrod - October 2, 2007

Why dont you make more constructive articles, if your a true fan. Realize the power you have as a writer. Gary Payton is a free agent, and thats J-Kidds best friend, why send him all the way to Oakland to play with the warriors, who are not going any where next year, when he can bring out the best in J-Kidd if he comes to new jersey.

2. netsophobia - October 2, 2007

because I do not think Gary Payton would bring the best out if Kidd, and I wouldn’t want Payton to take away minutes from good ole Marcus, whom I hope can build on his solid start (horrific end) last season and his summer league performance to be the successor to Kidd that he is.

3. netsophobia - October 2, 2007

and, I forgot to add, Marcus is out for only two weeks, and your gonna sign a dude who is 38 years old when our roster is full, who you gonna cut?

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