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Rod-reek Benson > Mikki Moore and long overdued thoughts August 25, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Daily Neurotic, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Rod Benson.

Yup, He’s the guy who made that video awhile back, he’s the guy who scolded Mateen Cleaves and regretted it. He’s the real king of the basketblogosphere, and he’s invited to be in the Nets’ training camp, He’s Rodrique Benson and he’s > than Mikki Moore.

I believe having the best blogger in town gives the team :
a) a discreet team personality
b) a different and more fun loving locker room i suppose
c) more scoops

It’s only going to get better when you get stuffs like this coming out from him

Actually the biggest connection of all… I have a relative on the team. A cousin. Second cousins I believe, but I don’t exactly have a family tree handy to figure it out. I know this may seem a bit shocking, but it’s true. I am related to Jason Kidd. It has never been publicized for a variety of reasons, but If I was to get signed by some chance, it would be tight to play with someone of the same blood line. The problem with this is that I’m pretty sure he has no idea of our relation. It will be truly funny how this all comes about. Do I walk up to him and be like “Yo, oh sweet you’re at camp too? That’s tight man. By the way, you’re my cousin. So, what’s for lunch?”It’s only going to get better when you get stuffs like this coming out from him

-In other news, the Jermaine O’Neal trade over the Jersey IS OFFICIALLY DEAD, and RJ can rest easy by donating another 3.6 mil to his alma matter, and so can Vince.– James Posey is not generous enough of a man to drop his head and sign for that paltry LLE of ours, come on.

– Team USA just shredded Virgin Islands off their virginity with Kobe Bryant sitting on the bench? and that LBJ behind the back pass to Kobe in the Venezuela game was sick.

– My birthday just passed like nothing happened.
Cheers, on hiatus again.



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