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On Top of The Premiership for the First Time in a decade. August 13, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Daily Neurotic, Newcastle United, Premiership, youtube.

That’s right suckers, Toonie’s leading the league for the first time in very long time, and how clinically did we finish off Bolton? I mean man, game was over before the second half even started. Oba Martins scored what would b to me the Goal of the Month, or at least the first week, N’Zogbia is back killing poeple in set pieces, the back four looks solid and everything’s good right now.

not photoshopped!

Sick Goal by Martins, sorry for the quality tho.

Other Observations
– Michael Chopra an old boy scoring his first goal for Sunderland, who has sucky beer and sits below our ass.
– Jens Lehmann sealed his mark in blunderin folklore with that superb pass of him, sights of Fabien Barthez

classic stuff, courtesy of the Arsenalist

– Marcus Hahnemann Is out of this world, and Nani looks like a 16 year old forced to play amongst men
– Chelsea sucks and they should have drew, Derby County will go down.
– Manchester City looks utter delicious, especially the new guy Rolando Bianchi



1. arsenalist - August 13, 2007

You might want to update the video link. YouTube took it down, there’s a new one in my post.

2. netsophobia - August 13, 2007

thanks for the heads up,

3. stopmikelupica - August 15, 2007

Hmm, Newcastle. I’m still new to the Premiership, admittedly. I’m basically a Carlos Tevez fan who is happy to finally get to see some Argentines on TV (since the Premiership gets airplay, but not the Spanish and Italian leagues where most Argentines play – Riquelme, Messi, Saviola, et al).

So I’m pulling for Man U this year (after rooting for the Hammers last season). Now, I may not know much about the Premiership, but I do know that Man U is all-but-legally required to finish ahead of the Toonies, right? (I hate that name, it sounds like a cat who should be driving off a cliff). So should we put together a wager or something? I’ll take the Arsenalist on, too, if he wants some!

4. netsophobia - August 15, 2007

I think Arsenalist will be interested in that, and as for myself, I’ll be content with the team making it to Europe, they won’t win the league or what so ever.

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