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Nenad Krstic, Marcus Williams, Richard Jefferson < Jermaine O’Neal? PART TWO August 11, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Indiana Pacers, Jermaine O'Neal, NBA talk, Nenad Krstic, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

In Part One, I discussed about the possible team lineups and so on with Jermaine O’Neal in the team. How would I say this, but by actually trading for O’Neal, I actually believe that the team is taking a step backwards rather than the opposite, all the moves we’ve done now are to enforce our interior and by trading for O’Neal, it contradicts with all of the moves.

Like I said before, O’Neal is a man who loves his jumper, his calling is his 18 footer which he could knock down most of the time, but read this, in his 11 year career, he has never shot over 50% not even once (his best was a 0.486 for Portland), and for a 6-11 big man that’s not saying much. I’m not hitting on O’Neal, he’s good but is he really that good? I mean trade talks for O’Neal fell dead the day they wanted Marcus Williams on the deal, but now it’s back up rolling just because the Celtics got Garnett and Nets’ fans wanted the team to move along the same direction of the Celts, which is Get O’Neal.

Comparison Between Jermaine O’Neal and Nenad Krstic
Nenad Krstic, 7-0 (2.13m), 260lbs (117kgs)
16.8 ppg
6.8 rpg (2.o orpg, 4.8 drpg)
Percentages : 52% FG, 71% FTs
Effective FG%: 52%
1.8 apg, 0.4 spg, 0.9bpg
Player PER: 15.8

Jermaine O’Neal, 6-11 (2.10m), 260lbs (117kgs)
35.6 mpg
19.4 ppg 
9.6 rpg (2.2 orpg, 7.4 drpg)
Percentages: 43.6% FGs, 74% FTs
Effective FG%: 43%
2.4 apg, 0.7 spg, 2.6 BPG
Player PER: 21.8

(Note: Krstic played only 26 games last season, so I would suggest that a handicap be given to him as to subject fairness in this comparison thing, but then again, you would wanna bash me for saying Nenad Krstic > Jermain O’Neal….soon.)



1. jerrod - August 14, 2007

if new jersey did this trade i will no longer be a fan of the nba

2. bobby - August 21, 2007

if new jersey did the trade they could contend and possibly win a title. if they dont, they will be ousted first or second round once again.

3. Charles - August 25, 2007

New jersey is Finals material with the team they have now. Jermaine is garbage. He can’t bang against shaq and howard and don’t even think about the big bodies out west. Nenad can open up the middle for our Big three cause I believe he’s more dependable from the outside.
Nenad will get us 16 and 8 and Jamaal will get us 10 and 12, highly likely due to the Kidd effect.

AND DON”T FORGET, the only reason the Nets don’t have a ring is because we’ve been forced to start Collins for seven years! With Jamaal and Nenad, We might never have to see Jason again unless Shaq is in town (Collins is the only man in the NBA who pisses off Shaq, that fact alone makes Collins worthy of his 5 mil+ contract)

4. netsophobia - August 25, 2007

Charles- I agree with that final piece of FACT from you

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