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Comparing Mechs and Nets #1 August 11, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Daily Neurotic, New Jersey Nets, Vince Carter, Weekend Randomness, youtube.

Mech Chosen: ARX-7 Arbalest

Net Chosen: Vince Carter
Let’s start off with the Arbalest, it’s from the anime Full Metal Panic, has tons of potential and ability, it is the best mech in the show, a could fight five fully equiped Venoms (equaivalent to the Arbalest, but evil) and so on and on. Vince Carter, a seven time All-Star, a man who could take over any game any time anywhere, if he has the correct mindset. A complete player I must say.

Comparison: ARX-7 Arbalest: The Arbalest has a very powerful tool, weapon on it. It’s called the False Axis Repulsive Field Generator System a.k.a Lambda Driver, it can relay the thoughts on the pilot’s mind, for example: I’m facing Jason Collins and I wanted to shove him into his toilet seat, the Driver would automatically relay my thoughts and create energy to perform that task, okay, in a way easier to understand, for example someone shoots me with a missile, and I have no way to run away from it, but all I want is to prevent the missile from hitting me, then the Driver would create a force filed taht would protect the Arbalest from the threat. Here’s the catch tho, although useful, the Lambda Driver malfunctions 60% of the time.

Comparison: Vince Carter: Carter’s biggest weapon on the offensive end is slashing owards the hole, a trait that he could perform which such ease it makes climbing Everest look easy, his abiility to drive and dish are also top notch. But then again, his biggest flaw? he doesn’t look to drive to the hole 60% of the time, instead he’s content with off balance jumpers and three pointers from 35 feet. It’s like a man who owns a Ferrari but decided not to drive the car over 60 mph.

Conclusion: The Arbalest although inconsistent, managed to wok things out in the end and saved the day, like all mechs do in the end, As for Carter, WE, as in me, you, they, who, she, it, would never know whether Carter would continue to spike us with consistent numbers and not important plays.

Overall Likeliness: 8/10, The traits are just too similar, except for the fact that the ARX-7 poved to be useful in the end..



1. PlasmaFire3000 - October 2, 2007

Interesting comparison on two vastly different worlds, though no doubt the ARX-7 is the more-useful weapon in the end; besides, its AI system has a good personality.

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