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Marty Burns does not like New Jersey, BUT I do August 4, 2007

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Now my take on the East, I don’t know whether Marty Burns is on crack or whatever, but come on man, Jersey? eighth? who is he kidding? I don’t know how to say this, but I know the teams limitations, so I won’t go on an ignorant typing spree and say that the team is the best in the East or whatever because the fact is they are NOT.

We’re NOT BETTER than
The Cleveland Cavaliers – or LeBron’s team? they killed us on the rebounding end during the playoffs, which I think their dominance over us will continue; no matter how many rebounding bigs we sign. Magloire isn’t going to blow us away by grabbing 10+ rebounds per game, not with Jason Kidd in the line up NO. Our back court is better than theirs definitely, but their frontcourt will kill us totally.

The Detroit Pistons – I hate to say this but for me, the Nets can’t seem to beat Detroit, even though they’re on a bad patch, we can’t seem to take advantage of that. their bench got deeper and their starting five is still a five man group who can impose their will on any game any time.

The Toronto Raptors – The reigning Atlantic division champs and I expect them to stay the champs, Ya, they didn’t made any big moves to shore up the team or anything, but hey, when you’re already good, what can you still do to change it? Why change things when nothing’s wrong right? what they did was ala Spurs, tweak the bench but not the starting five, that was what the Spurs did and that got them championships, and in Toronto’s case, It will win them the division crown, Jason Kapono + Juan Dixon + Bargnani = deadly.

The Chicago Bulls – They’re basically the same as Toronto, if nothing’s wrong don’t fix it. They’ll basically be the same team last season and will also have an improved Tyrus Thomas taking over from P.J Brown, deep backcourt with Shefolosha and Duhon, scary.

The Washington Wizards – Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison ARE a more productive trio compared to the Nets’ big three, but team wise, we’re a better defensive team, a pretty much balanced team, abit better on half court sets, and abit more consistent. Besides they have some dude named Michael Ruffin on their bench, who is basically the second coming of Popeye Jones, minus the production.

The Boston Celtics – I have no idea how many times have I already said this for the past few days, but unless Boston miraculously finds a way to get somebody other than Glen Davis as their first frontcourt option off the bench, there’s a bunch of exmaples of “big threes” failing to get the job done, example? the Bucks, and of course our very own Nets. Besides that, you have to play in that gelling factor, they can’t say whatever they want about how they like each other, but nothing counts until they produce on the court, MAKE ME EAT ME PETTY WORDS.

The Miami Heat – ONE WORD, OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Find me another team who has a team as old as them, I mean AS OLD AS THEM, they have some young guys who can play, Dorrell Wright, Wayne Simien, but the problem is, Pat Riley doesn’t play them and he likes to stick with guys like Antoine Walker and yada yada yada, even though the thorough fact is that they can’t produce, this is the year we’ll kick their asses.

The New York Knicks – Overweight big men, Blah.

The Orlando Magic – Would probably go on a big run the close the season on during the season, but Rashard Lewis will be hoisting a ton load of threes.

The Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia Sixers and the Charlotte Bobcats – Surely one of these teams will surprise, or maybe TWO.




1. r1zzo23 - August 5, 2007

The Nets are not better than the Celtics and you know it!!!

2. netsophobia - August 5, 2007

We’ll see, I’m always ready to eat my own words

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