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Pinpointed Dashes and Uncommonly Scattered Bullets July 25, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Daily Neurotic, Daisuke Matsuzaka, David Stern, Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant, Nenad Krstic, New Jersey Nets, Vince Carter, Weekday Randomness, youtube, Yui.

Life in College is not good at all, never good, never will be, first of all the traffic on the way there, the amount of money being used everyday (NOTE: only spent 2.60 on chocolate milk today, milagro), the stress (blah), the lecturers, the annoying road thugs (DUH!), and so on, and the fact that I’m poor enough to have to park my vehicle (I resent the word cars*) 500+meters away from college sucks.

KobeBryant은 암컷 이다

No Idea what the hell is that? well, maybe the word Kobe betrayed the words a little, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Have any idea how playing in a ball game against Vince Carter would be like? pro pick-up, well, try this.

One, he shoots jumpers left-handed as well and with the same range as he does with his right.

SERIOUSLY THIS SITE NEEDS A POLL, and I’m hell bent on starting one, say right now, ya everybody(I guess) knows that WordPress (was about to type Wikipedia then) doesn’t support embedded Java stuff, so if I have to count the votes manually, I WOULD; So, for the first poll since Hooplah Nation moved over from blogger…the question is.. Is Mikki Moore a LIAR? I’m always bitter. pun.

No, I’m not showing this video because Kobe Bryant hit the game winner, I’m not doing this to emphasize on how Kobe got his dunk attempt blocked by Lebron, no, I’m not focusing on how good Kevin Durant can be, or what shape Jason Kidd is in, by the way, he looks great although for those shorts bursts and all. The purpose of showing the video, is for the sake of all Team U.S.A fans, the first step to victory is…. Get Rid Of The Skin Tight Jerseys;

Tight Top and Baggy Shorts leads to CONSPIRACY THEORY #1, it’s actually part of the plot to make opposing teams feel irritated and annoyed by the jerseys and somehow affect their performances, after-all it’s all about psychology.

I’m having my only class of the day, WA(Writing Academically)<-distorted on purpose, in aout 7 hours from now, and I haven’t slept for a day AND, the lecturer of the subject is a punch hole full of crap, It’s like the guys who went all the way to sell Kobe’s video for $1.20 per view. AND, she looks like Dinah from Alice in Wonderland, POSITIVELY SO, horrible..

Za ljubav treba imati hrabrost, which roughly translates to “I have no idea what the hell is that”, Kidding, it’s actually Nenad Krstic’s interview with some Seeeerrrbbiiiaannn newspaper, Blic, yes BLIC. It’s eerie to see Jason Kidd as Krstic’s sports’ idol and have a girlfriend fo four years.

I’m totally immersed with YUI at the moment, I mean totally, ya you’d go through the process of wow, if only I knew Japanese and yada yada yada. I’m way past that, I’m on another level guys.

My favourite quote from the David Stern press conference?
  “This is an isolated incident.” Ya right, which leads us to CONSPIRACY THEORY NO.2, All Games were fixed and it’s part of Stern’s (I hate world domination) plan to create a big news coup to generate publicity for the league.

MY PLEA TO NBA TEAMS AND GMS..SIGN JAMES WHITE!! PLEASE!! you can waive him after the All-Star weekend if you please, I just wanna see him in the Dunk contest.

Daisuke Matsuzaka = the BOMB, Barry Bonds like what? 753?



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Hi, there!..a13ee0d7e1025c05b16e44d1e0a3f9ba

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