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New Jersey Nets and the Deathly Hallows July 24, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jason Collins, Lawrence Frank, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter.

Ten or More reasons why the New Jersey Nets will end next season as the NBA champions, and of course, to sooth the masses’ criticism, I will duly come up with another Ten or more reasons why NOT..

We’ll start today’s countdown from TEN – SIX, why? so I could save more content to allow me to post regularly, by and the way, I’ll be posting moeand more random stuff right maybe until the new season starts, so get a hold of that, this is getting PERSONAL.

Starting the countdown at Ten, Jason Collins takes out his magic wand and gives it a swish.
TEN #10- You know, It’s aways a peasure to have Jason Collins anywhere near somewhere, so he takes his spot at number ten here, why? because with the influx of biggies coming into the team, Jack Cro’s minutes is going way down, which could only mean one thing..Ws!!

At Nine, Vince Carter discovered the wizarding world and plays the wizardy sport, Quidditch.
NINE #9- Yes, he played the game and he hated it, and somehow through some weird spellcasting by some random members of the audience, Vince Carters learns the mantra of “now or never”, and decides to go all out, result? 90% of his shots in the 2007 season are within the paint
P.S : Clutch while knowing “now or never”

Richard Jefferson learns something at Eight, It’s never too late to get married, but it’s going to be too late to win a championship if you don’t hurry
EIGHT #8- RJ WILL break out of the shadow casted by both Kidd and Vince Carter, but in a certain day, he woke up and told his future wife, “chups, we ain’t getting married till I get that ring.” Thus, he wanted to ork hard for his marriage in order to shed that gay tag.

Hassan Adams comes back to haunt us at Seven.
SEVEN #7- Hassan Adams is haunting the team, everyone is scared, but hey, Rod Thorn has a sidejob that no one ever knew of, he’s an exorcist, thus bringing in important philosophy to the team, Believe in the Impossible. Magic isn’t it.

Lawrence Frank was transferred to Hogwart’s School of Wizardry to teach Muggle Studies and his favorite chapter of the text book is “Is there an age limit for basketball coaches?”
SIX #6- Upon returning from Hogwarts, Frank was given a payrise, a hefty one I must say, no wonder Mikki Moore left, they’re overpaying a coach rather than him, anyway, t new deal gives Frank two more years (at $4.2 million and $4.4 million) beyond the 2007-08 season, which means it will be extra motivation?

to be continued…tsuzuku..



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