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Belated Thought on Sean Williams July 17, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Draft, New Jersey Nets, Sean Williams.

It’s not really that long ago since the draft tho, many thanks to SML, from SML for spelling me from this spell of laziness.

Sean Williams is no doubt a gifted player.  His first summer league game indicated one thing – he’s still very much raw.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone; this is a player that was suspended from the BC team for second half of the season, and hasn’t played for a team since about seven months ago.  He’ll take some time, maybe a lot of time, to develop. 

Never the less, his potential is vast.  You can’t teach defense, right?  Well, this kid has defense.  He averaged 5 bpg last season at BC.  In his first two seasons at BC, he averaged over 2 bpg, despite only playing about 17 minutes/gm.  He also averaged more than 1 spg last season, and his rebounding and scoring were also much improved.  Had he finished the season, he likely would have been a lottery pick.

What should Nets fans expect from Sean Williams this season?  Much like what they got from another Big East player who slipped in the draft because of “character” issues, Marcus Williams – about 10-20 mpg coming off the bench, depending on his productivity.  Lots of defense, some impressive blocks, some dunks here and there, but nothing too impactful.  He may not even get much playing time for the early parts of the season, though he will probably eventually work his way into the 8-man rotation.  The bottom line is he’s rusty, hasn’t played or been coached in a while, and has a lot of work to go before he can reach his potential.  As for that potential?  If all goes right, in a year or two he might start to resemble another notable weed-loving big man from a NE school… Marcus Camby. 



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