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Jamaal Magloire, Your “New” New Jersey Net. July 15, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Hassan Adams, Jamaal Magloire, Mikki Moore, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, youtube.

Yup, This isn’t no July Fool or whatever; this is the real deal, Jamaal Magloire is the latest addition to the Nets roster. As we all know, Mikki Moore went to the Kings, and Clifford Robinson was waived as well, so that leaves the squad with only 4 bigs, Mile Ilic doesn’t count (won’t ever), so this signing makes sense, hey, we saw it coming a few days ago.

– First of all, A one year deal for $4million, I want to say it’s reasonable but a part of me thinks that it’s a stinker of a deal except for the length of the contract, which is a great insurance when you get someone as enigmatic as Magloire.

– Thing is, Is Magloire going to be an upgrade over Mikki Moore? I’d seriously would like Sean Williams to start the season at Center, but now with Magloire on board, I figured he would be taking over, so it definitely won’t be Jason Collins, but still, is Magloire an upgrade over Moore? age wise, he is, but could he spark the Nets and provide solid backup minutes like Moore did, when he’s needed to? He started 23 games for the Blazers averaging 8.4 ppg and 8.1 rpg, so if he could bring that to the Nets, we’re in good shape, somehow.

– Magloire flourished when he played with another All-Star point guard in Baron Davis,  he could do the same playing with Jason Kidd, and restablish his position as one of the premier big in the East.

– More cover me eyes dunks? basically any big who plays with Jason Kidd gets better stat wise, everyone, say maybe Jason Collins.

In other updates…
The Summer League win against the Bulls could well be the last we’ve seen Hassan Adams in a Net jersey, the Nets are apparently considering waiving him as to lower the payroll on the team after the resigning of VC.

I’ll keep tis updated later, gotta run.



1. Anonymous - July 15, 2007

Good find. I hadn’t seen this news elsewhere.
The contract doesn’t seem bad at all, it should keep Magloire motivated.
Also seems like a damn good fit.

2. cv - July 19, 2007

cutting hassan adams was a horrible move….wright sucks
mikki moore is crazy for signing with a team that doest have kidd at point
whats up with Ilic?? Im all for big serbian guys…give him a chance
also, Sean Williams or Boone better be starting alonside nenad

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