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Hassan Adams Waived as I wonder Why July 15, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Hassan Adams, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

Yep, It’s official, they waived Hassan Adams, why? to save 600k on the payroll, well the team was 400k over the luxury tax threshold, but this is really a surprise move, I mean I’ve already included Hassan onto my list of my players I expect to see some improvement from, but looks like it’s not to be. However, I’m sure any team that signs Hassan would get someone who works his ass off, plays great defense and doesn’t have a jump shot.

He’s a quality player and I hope this decision won’t come back and haunt us in the future. I’m wondering why they didn’t moe Bernard Robinson instead, so it looks like Robinson would be getting minutes next season with the team, but maybe not. So with Hassan gone, the roster is at 12 players, which means we’ll probably sign another point guard to backup Marcus Williams, and Eddie House would probably be returning, Jannero Pargo is on the list, an I really like him.   



1. Henry - July 16, 2007

they couldnt move Bernard Robinson because his contract is guarenteed. They would’ve had to buy him out at 75% of his $1million so 750,000 wouldve stayed on the books and they wouldve only saved 250,000; while waiving Hassan saved them close to 700K because his contract was not guaranteed being a 2nd round draft choice. Talks are that they are looking at possibly buying out Mile at a bargain price as they did last offseason with Zoran.

And Yes I’m hoping they get Pargo as well but the rumor is he wants a 3-4yr deal and he might be too expensive for the nets.

2. netsophobia - July 16, 2007

hey, thanks for the heads up, but I’m still abit shocked you know, there’s still some sourness in me, Hassan Adams was supposed to become something big in the rotation next season by my equation and he got cut.

As for Pargo, he’s looking for a 3yr 12 mllion deal which is definitely out of our reach.

3. Henry - July 16, 2007

hey idk if u are already a member, but you should check out the nets message boards over at http://www.basketballforum.com/new-jersey-nets/

-my board name is
-also i usually check out http://www.netsdaily.com for info on the team

As for Adams there really wasnt goin to be much playin time for him our depth chart looks something like this and he wouldve been our 3rd SF behind Boki

Magloire/Sean Williams/Boone

even though i wouldve liked to keep him around in case of injury but you really cant judge the decision just yet until we see what thorn has up his sleeve next.

4. Henry - July 16, 2007

my board name is go nets

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