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Thanks For The Memories Clifford, Mikki. July 14, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Clifford Robinson, Mikki Moore, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, Sacramento Kings, youtube.

Well, Mikki Moore is a goner, and he’s going to a team with a long history of overpaying mediocre big men, Greg Ostertag, Kenny Thomas, and blah, I’m not saying Mikki is mediocre, he’s above average and yes this is sour grapes right here, but hey, he got what he wanted in the end so good for him

Moore wanted the Nets’ entire MLE and I’m like WTF? There’s no way he’s worth that much money, but the Kings gave it to him, and he took it, so much for staying on with the Nets for less money, like I said who doesn’t lie? and for a guy who finally took the next step last season and is already 31, who isn’t going to take more money? Moore said that “staying statment” because he had hope the Nets would offer him the entire MLE but that wasn’t going to happen. Who’s going to keep promises when you’re offered $5 million dollars a year to break that promise?

Moore went Boozer on us and we have to accept that fact and move on, so thanks for the memories you gave to me Mikki, the dunk against the Cavs in the playoffs, the game wehre you single handedly kept us in with your scoring, I’d miss that, but then again, maybe I won’t now.

As for Cliff, It’s the end of the road..finally, he had a great career he was still producing at 40 years old for our team but really, for a team that has title aspirations and your 4th big man on the rotation is a 40 year old dude doesn’t stack up really.



1. Tunez - July 14, 2007

Let’s see how much money he’s worth when he has Bibby’s rebounds to collect rather than Kidd’s passes

2. netsophobia - July 14, 2007

exactly!! shades of Keon Clark..and for the entire MLE? overkill…

3. coach - July 15, 2007

i don’t know how effective moore will be in king’s uni .
actually , mikki benefited more from vc’s than kidd’s passes !

4. netsophobia - July 15, 2007

hey coach, it’s been awhile!

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