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Post Draft Reactions #2 July 1, 2007

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Rod Thorn on Sean Williams

There is not an athlete within this draft who was any more athletic than this kid and he brings a shot blocking presence and a defensive presence that our team needs. We tried to look at it, we got all the information we could, we tried to disseminate it and at the end of the day we felt the risk was worth it

Our feeling was that we needed a player like this, since Kenyon. A player of this athleticism and of this ability. Here we’ve got one. Had there been no issues, he wouldn’t have been there. I emphasize, where we were picking, our feeling was this was a guy if things go well – if he does reach his potential – he could be sensational. He has that kind of athletic ability.

Sean Williams

I’m just going to come and try to bring a lot of energy and play defense, and run the floor. (Shot-blocking), that’s all I could do when I started playing basketball.

I had dinner with Thorn and Stefanski and it seemed like everything went real well, so they took me,”. I can’t wait to join the organization, get out there with the coaches. I appreciate the opportunity, appreciate being in the NBA.

Ed Stefanski

He’s limited offensively, That’s the question: Will his offense get better down the line? He didn’t show much of a post game in college. Will it come? It’s questionable. But we know what he is: An incredibly athletic shot-blocker.

Al Skinner – Boston College Coach

There’s no doubt that what lies ahead of him has to be a concern,” Skinner said of the NBA lifestyle, “but I also recognize the strides he has made. When he was dismissed from the team, he decided to stay in school. Boston College is not an easy school (academically) and yet he remained. I was happy to see that. He did well, had no incidents, and managed good grades.

Jonathan Givony – Draft Express
A cop-out, indeed, but there is no way of grading this pick until we see whether or not Williams flames out of the league after a year or two like his history indicates he will. If he miraculously cleans up his act and decides to pick basketball over smoking marijuana, the Nets will have done extremely well here. If he doesn’t, then obviously everyone will say that the writing was on the wall. Considering where they were drafting and the fact that they needed an athletic power forward that can play in Lawrence Frank’s system right now—they’ll tell you that they really didn’t have a choice here. Only time will tell if that was indeed the case.

Aran Smith – NBADraft.net
For a team with so much talent on the perimeter (assuming they resign Vince Carter), gambling on Sean Williams at 17 was a smart move as the reward outweighs the risk. Williams remains the player in this year’s draft most likely to crash his car while self serving ala Eddie Griffin, but in a draft devoid of athletic bigmen outside of the top pick, Williams has the upside to warrant the selection. Williams should give them instant help defensively as a bigtime shot blocker plus he has offensive potential for the future. Now if they can move Jefferson and Krstic for Jermaine O’Neal and light a fire under his butt, they will have a contender.
Smith gave the Nets a grade of B+
Fun Fact #1
Jason Collins blocked 41 shots in 92 games this season, Sean Williams blocked 75 in 15 games



1. bobbo - July 2, 2007

Jason Collins blocked 41 shots in the NBA this season. Sean Williams blocked 0.

2. netsophobia - July 2, 2007

that’s the catch right there.

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