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Post Draft Reactions #1 July 1, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Draft, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, Sean Williams.

I believe this deserves a thread by itself. Sean Serritella, a long time member of the New Jersey Nets Yahoo Group, breaks down the draft and gives his thoughts on Sean Williams.

My feelings on the Nets draft.
-Sean Serritella

The Nets had one draft pick this year and made the most of it in my opinion. During their 2001/02 to 02/03 seasons, they made the finals with defense. With Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson and all world point guard Jason Kidd as their core, teams would be back pedaling most of the game because of outlet passes from Kidd which lead to fast breaks but they struggled in the half court which is why they got crushed by Los Angeles and San Antonio in the finals. Both teams, LA and SA had great half court offense and defense with players like Shaq and Duncan. The Nets half court defense was pretty good but they struggled defensively down the middle at times especially against guys like Shaq and they had a hard time scoring in the half court. After Kenyon Martin left, the Nets style of played changed. They imported Vince Carter from the Raptors and the Nets would no longer have to worry about scoring in the half court offense because they had a go to guy in “Vinsanity.” What the Nets lacked in scoring, they now had in Carter but didn’t have the defensive presence of Martin anymore and teams would now score down the middle at will. What the Nets needed was a combination of both. Enter the 2007 draft. Sean Williams smoked some pot. I’m sure a lot of kids in college smoke pot so I’m not too worried about his pot habit because marijuana is not addicting, at least of what I know of. If this was cocaine or heroin then it would be a different story altogether because athletes fall apart when addicted to a more powerful drug and marijuana is no worse then cigarette smoking but I, personally don’t do either one.

If this kid keeps his head on straight, then the Nets would have the perfect team as least on paper. Jason Kidd would be at the point, Jefferson at small forward, Carter at shooting guard, Krstic at center and Williams at power forward. In time, that’s the starting lineup I’d like to see. Hopefully, Antoine Wright is ready to step up this year and become the shooter he was drafted for and Marcus Williams growth at point guard will be moved further along. Sean William’s offensive game will probably have some growing pains but there’s no substitution for great defense. All that I ask of Sean Williams is to play great defense and keep blocking shots like he did in college. The Nets have a plethora of scorers in Carter, Jefferson and Krstic. Let them score and let Sean Williams play defense to the best of his ability. Don’t forget, in college, Sean Williams blocked 13 shots in one game. 13 shots! That’s amazing. In a game against Kansas, he had 15 rebounds which is impressive as well. All in all, the Nets should be better than last year because of the return of Krstic and because of the newly drafted Sean Williams. Hey, you never know, maybe the Nets will win one for New Jersey before they leave for Brooklyn.



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