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Food For Thought June 23, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jason Smith, NBA Draft, New Jersey Nets, Nick Fazekas, Philadelphia Sixers.

Try Figuring this one out
from Draft Express

Philadelphia is having those same talks with their two picks in the twenties (#21 and #30). It’s possible they try to move up to #17 and select Jason Smith,who had a terrific workout for them early in the process.

and, Also a chance of trading that pick (17th) down to Phoenix for their 24th and 29th pick, the Suns too are interested in Jason Smith.

Imagine the tandem of Sean Williams and Nick Fazekas, shot blocking, size, scoring and whatever we’ll have it all. (thanks to Sean for the heads up!)

The Philly deal looks delicious definitely, bar Washington (or anyone in the top 16) doesn’t take Smith of course, and just to make things go haywire, I’ll throw out another one, and say the Nets will get a second round pick from somebody. (haha)

cheers, more write ups later.

more reasons to trade down and pick Nick Fazekas?

Nick Fazekas has been one of the most impressive workout players around from what we’re told, shooting 75%+ from NBA 3-point range in virtually every city he’s visited. Some are wondering whether he’s not only the best shooting big man in this draft, but maybe the best shooter period. Considering he shot 57% from the field, 43% from 3-point range and 85% from the free throw line this season, that probably isn’t a fluke. If a team like New Jersey trades down in the first round, it could very well be to take him. He also seems to fit well in Los Angeles in the triangle offense, in Houston next to Yao, or even in Phoenix as a shot-maker. The only concern is his uncommonly high foot arches, which some worry may lead to injury problems down the road.



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