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Random Thursday Morning Link Dump! June 20, 2007

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Apparently Josh McRoberts, a player the Nets could possibly draft with the 17th pick, IN REALITY, has started a blog covering his own journey on his path to stardom, yeah, here are some highlights

My workout in New Jersey went well I worked out with Nick Young, Morris Almond and Glen Davis. The workout went well and I was happy with how I did; I shot the ball pretty well and did as well as I could have when I went up against Davis, considering were two completely different players.

Glen Davis, another draftee who worked out with the Nets, has his own blog too over at NBA.com, and per usual, highlights

If I were a Net/Knick/Sixer …

They’re great organizations and they could use me in a way to help the organization win championships. I would love to play for any team. You know, I’m an outgoing guy and I get along with everybody. It doesn’t really bother me what city I go to or where I’m at. I could be in Utah and it doesn’t really matter. I’ve met great people, especially with the Knicks. I just want to go where a team wants me to help them win championships.

Brian Hill, who recently got fired from his post over at Orlando, oh he resigned? anyway, Hill is interested in returning to Lawrence Frank’s side, he spent two years under Frank before going David Blaine on the Magic and getting himself fired, resigned?

Real GM has this interesting 30 Days 30 previews thing going on, and here is the Nets’ preview, Okay I’m showing only the part where they do a write up on Tiago Splitter because Tiago Splitter is my man.

Tiago Splitter, Brazil
If the Nets are determined to get a big man, and I think they should be, they have a multitude of options. If either Smith or McRoberts are gone – Splitter should be there man. If you remember the last time they took a gamble on a big international player they got Krstic.

Vince Carter, I’ve still haven forgotten, and this fueled more hate into me, are one of the winners in Charley Rosen’s “other” Postseason Awards.

Tight Collar Award — To Vince Carter, for choking throughout the Nets-Cleveland series, especially in clutch situations.

Back to VC, he’s, he’s he’s showing signs that he will stay, and I’ve no comment, If he stays I’m fine with it, but if he leaves I’m fine with it either, but I hope he stays, yes I’m still bitter.

For the first time since he ar rived in New Jersey, he is allowing assistant coach Bob Thate tinker with his jumper in shooting drills. He’s watching every college workout the Nets conduct along with the Knicks, until the inevitable mo ment that Isiah Thomas pulls him aside for a private discussion, which amused some Nets officials. He generally looks like a man who is exceedingly content with his environment.

Look, can somebody arrest Isiah Thomas for doing that? Talking to NBA players contracted to another team regarding their contracts is a crime, you can go to jail if you do that. Ok,I made that up.



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