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Nets’ Draft Update #9 June 19, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jamon Gordon, Javaris Crittenton, Marko Lekic, New Jersey Nets, youtube.

I’m getting very confused lately, mainly because it’s the holidays, or maybe it’s because of all the soup i drank, but most probably it’s because I’m suffering from back pain, and I;m still a young man..

I’m starting to have second thoughts on how the Nets will play this draft, I mean I’m still pretty sure that they will go for a big, i.e, McRoberts, Smith. But after a few days of thinking, part of it thinking on who I’m going to draft for the Mock Draft, but because of the fact that I have two second round picks in the draft, instead of none in reality for the Nets, which gives me more flexibility to play around with the picks during the draft.

Day 11 of the Nets’ Knicks combined workouts see Marko Lekic, a big from somewhere returning for the second time, I’m not sure whether it’s the Nets or Knicks who called him back, but I’ve got a feeling it’s the Nets, they have this “thing” with European bigs you know.

Then there’s Javaris Crittenton from Georgia Tech, Jamon Gordon from VT, who averaged 3 steals in his senior season. Javaris Crittenton is a lotto pick, no doubt about it, he’s a beefed up Shaun Livingston, at 6’5″, he’s taler than normal point guards and still can play with the same kind of speed a 6’3″ PG could. He’s an intriguing prospect, a high risk high reward pick.

Jamon Gordon is a guy who can defend the basketball, a great defender, and right now I’m adding him to the undrafted PG sleepers list, which includes Dashaun Wood, Jared Jordan and Zabian Dowdell.



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