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BOOM Got Them Dos! June 17, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness, Rod Benson, Ron Artest, Troy Hudson, youtube.

You know
Troy Hudson? oops sorry, He maybe better known as T-Hud,
“I have my own label — Nutty Boyz Entertainment — and I have three artists”
Yeah that’s him.

You know Ron Artest? oh sorry, he maybe best forgotten, you know the guy who singled handed sold 384!!!! albums in a week! BIG DEAL

Anyway this video, It’s nice, Luke Jackson probably made the whole video worth watching gaggling with two women at the end of the clip, and Gilbert Arenas maybe the NBA’s best blogger, but Rod Benson is the basketball world’s best blogger, and Artest and Hudson, sorry T-Hud, should take lessons from Benson, not singing lessons tho, It’s how to start low and get a following before releasing your album to an amazing sales number of less than 6000.

“I’m like KG although I ain’t worth a dollar.” classic, Boom Got Them Dos



1. Glory - June 18, 2007

rod benson is my babyyy daddddyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! love you baby boo!!

2. Renee Pesiri - June 18, 2007

Rod’s video is hella fun, I’ve watched it at least ten times in the past week and each time I notice a new detail…And his blog is hilarious to boot.

3. Luisa Alvarez - July 2, 2007

what’s the song he uses in the background?

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