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Nets’ Draft Update #8 June 16, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Dominic McGuire, Marcus Williams, NBA Draft, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

Dominic McGuire
I have not heard of this man right here before, but according to Draft Express, he’s somewhat of a physically gifted freak, versatile and has alot of upside to him, although the word upside is given to anyone who has abit of something to them, therefore lowering the value of the word.

One thing I like alot from scouting reports is this,

McGuire also passed the ball very well in the game, netting himself four assists in a variety of ways. He made a nice pass on a pick-and-roll, had a dump-off to his teammate near the rim on a left-handed drive, and threw some nice transition passes, including a bounce pass through the defense and a quick, one-touch pass that went perfectly to his man ahead near the basket.

and he blocks shots, alot of them as well, so he’s again, another Sam Clancy, a better and more polished Sam Clancy who can play point guard, wow, imagine one day Dominic McGuire leading the league both in assists, and blocks.

Marcus Williams
You gotta love his mid range game, but you gotta hate his unability to defend anyone.



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