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Eat the Apples, It’s Draft Day, sort of…. June 12, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Discussions, NBA Draft, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, SB Nation Mock Draft, Vince Carter.

So I’m in this Mock Draft Day extravaganza organized by Mike Prada of Bullets Forever, and will be hosted by Indy Cornrows, and since this is a Nets blog, it is for sure that I’m drafting for the Knicks, not, sorry the Nets.

Well, you see, the Nets only have one draft pick, the 17th pick in the first round, which is really a bummer because this maybe the first draft in a very long time where even second rounders taken in the draft could be gold. I’ve just started to review the team’s options, in order to secure a second round pick, which in turn, the pick could be used to cashed in as tokens to play roulette at some nearby casino.

The very first move I did was to email Jake Whitacre, the youtubesman from Bullets Forever, who is drafting for the New Orleans Hornets, about a trade that will send Eddie House over to the Hornets and in return, I get that exclusive invite to some posh top of the hill club, I mean the second reound pick of the Hornets, BUT, the catch was Eddie House is a Free Agent, so which means to deal is a no deal. Bad judgement from me there.

So, basically I’m still searching for somebody who would be willing to give up their second round pick, and my trade bait? Hassan Adams, a toilet bowl seat and a packet of nuts. I like Hassan Adams, and I like House too, but since I like Adams more than I do House, therefore I decided that House should go, BUT House is a FA (again my bad, I feel embarressed.), therefore Adams took up his place. Why? you see, on my list of IPs (Important Personnels) for the Nets, House is ranked at 19, behind the ball boys, and Adams at 14, slightly ahead of Mile Ilic. So since Ilic’s trade value is equaivalent to a Big-Mac. Hassan Adams is the only one left, thus trade bait status is on his back.

So the search for a chance to draft in the second round continues while I move up to the first round, Let’s do an update here, the Nets have the 17th pick, I must concede that trying to draft someone who can come in straightaway and help the team with that pick, is hard. Not impossible, but hard.

What do the Nets need to address through the draft?
– Definitely somebody with an inside presence, somebody who can block shots, and can score in the paint, with added althelticism wouldn’t be bad. Jason Smith, assuming that the Wizards won’t take him first would be a nice addition, but after reading what Draft Express wrote about him, I’m a little bit sceptical, besides we alredy have one big guy who has a face up game in Nenad Krstic, we just need another guy who can complement him in the post and drop Jason Collins to the bench.

Which, takes us all the way to Josh McRoberts, bar all his weaknesses, he is just what we need, the Nets need his size, his shot blocking, his flair, passing. That is of course if there isn’t anyone else better than McRoberts for us to pick. I wouldn’t rule out Tiago Splitter or maybe even Sean Williams either, and if guys like Al Thornton is still around, it would be really interesting, so if anyone has any opinions on who to draft or maybe help me get onto that posh club on top the of hill, E-mail me yo, and Michael Owen, don’t leave Newcastle United! please.

And, final note, I’d resign Eddie House although he’s somewhat of a Damon Jones and likes to switch teams, but no Mikki Moore, and yes Vince Carter‘s continued story of resigning with the team has progress.

Carter has until the end of the month to opt out of the final season of his contract, worth $16.3 million. The consensus feeling is he will do that but then remain in New Jersey with a new contract. Figure he gets a four-year deal totaling in the $60 million to $65 million neighborhood.

And, Rod Thorn also squashed up any hopes of having Zach Randolph over in a swap for Richard Jefferson by issuing this

“I never had a conversation with them,” Thorn said. “They have talked to several teams, but we were not one of them.”



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