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Finals Live Blog: Witness the Flops June 8, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Finals, NBA live blogging, NBA talk, San Antonio Spurs.

– I’m starting late because I just saw Tony Parker throwing himself all over the court, and got himself hitted by a troll named Pavlovic. Eva Longoria must die!

– It’s 14-10 now, recap, Gooden with 6 points, Duncan has 2 dunks, James 0 points, Parker has 6. Duncan just made 2 FTs, and why is Stan van Gundy getting to announce the Finals? where’s Marv Albert? shouldn’t t0hey do a combine?

– Bron 0-4 right now, he’s shooting alot of jumpers, another miss right now, Parker can’t hit jumpers that’s it. Pass that ball Larry!

– Dirt Bob Horry is in the game, look out Lebron, he’s coming after you. Gibson, just in the game, just hitted a three. OMG, Marshall alert, it’s 4 on 5 if Marshall’s on the court.

– Varejao is not an inside threat yet, go for that layup dude, don’t pass it to carlito comr on, LeBron has to be assertive right now and stop Ginobili’s gang of fuckers from running away with it.

– Marfuck just missed another three, and he sucks, James goes to the rim, and got fouled. Gooden’s hair what the heck, it looks worse up close. Jacque!, Deron says hi

– Offensive foul on Marfuck baby, Ginobili just flopped, HE FUCKING FLOPPED! DAMNIT HE FLOPPED, UGH I HATE THIS, screw his ass, 20-15, 1st quarter ends, i hope Ginobili drowns under a waterfall, that’s it.

– I’m back, and Tim Duncan just got his second foul, James just missed another jumper, 2 FTs made and 21-20 advantage Cavs, Duncan going to the line for two, i hope he misses 10 straight.

– ARGH, Tony Parker i hate him, anyways and one, UGH, where the hell is the box out? Parker with the teardrop, WOW, Mr. Longoria what a fucking nice pass wey, Elson with the dunk and one. just like that it’s 29-25.

– again, Pavs can’t finish, what the fuck is Parker doing? nono, i mean can nobody stop him? Eric Snow? where is him when you need him? bron 0-6, a 7 point lead now, Pavlovic finally hits a lay-up with that trollish hands of his.

– shut up Jeff, although you made it sounded like Tim Duncan really did travel, you mike hog.eww, Elson the fucking gangbanger, just owned Carlito for two. Get Marshall out of the game dammit, he is useless.

– Boobie Gibson? lol? nice move anyway, wow, the trophy outside the arena is amazing. Ginobili ended the half with a three, and Parker’s english = gay like Spanish accent, although he’s French.

– LeBron should just post up more, hi Grant!! Jon Barry looks drunk, i gotta have a break. BRB for the second half.

– Oh my, I forgot to come back, anyway, LeBron just made his 1st FGs, i was just reading on the Fanhouse how LeBron’s 10 storey high billboard is breaking the rules as Bowen the ass just hit a three pointer, and Gooden has 6 in the quarter, wow.

– Stache hair baby! ew, bad pass, but he made the shot anyway, Parker did not throw a PERFECT LOB DAMMIT!, ahh, Ginobili for three. Goden, 6-7 with 10 points already in the third, Bron you have to step up now, your mates are keeping your team in the game.

– The Spurs are on a roll now, and i hate it, 58-47 now, time for some LeBron magic perhaps? LeBron with his 2nd FG, YES, alley oop? screw it. 10 on the shot clock now, i’m getting edgy man.

– What? It’s just a pat in the back, man, he sold it, dammit, Ginobili sold the foul, there was MINIMUM CONTACT THERE! what the fuck. 2 FTs and the possesion.

– 15 point lead, and another timeout called, this is getting ugly, i am shutting things down if it reaches 20 and start praying. man i hate the Spurs, end of the third quarter, come on, LeBron magic in the fourth!! i’m doing two posts at a same time, call me editor

– 18 now and counting, make plays Cavs, make plays! Varejao to the line, which i say 1-2. Goal tending called, it’s down to 15 now, and yes Varejao is 1-2.

– What the heck? another three? 18, LeBron stop shooting jumpers, get to the hole, even if you’re getting blobbered, Gibson scores, down to 16! No, 9 minutes left in the fourth and the best shot you could find is a Marshall three? this game is done, Parker puts it back up to 18.

– Jumpball, like i said if it reaches 20, I’m outta here. Yes, Parker airs it. Varejao, 16 point game. he travelled, it isn’t a blocking foul what the heck, anywya i suddenly thought about some fat guy i saw on the basketball court near my place, he was shooting jumpers like crazy and he is damn fucking fat, and he flops around like crazy, talks alot of Bull too, James the three, down to 15!

– Parker pushses it up to 17, James another three 14! now, come on Bron Bowen with the ball now, 4 secs on the clock, Troll hits, down to 12, what a pass, Varejao the dunk and now it’s 10, building momentum now

– Gibson steal, Pavlovic blocked by TD, Gooden, not everyday is Sunday Duncan with another offensive board, Offensive foul as Varejao tried flopping and got the foul.

– Blocking foul, Pavlovic to the line for two and a chance to cut it to 10, Horry stripped!! Pavlovic with the reverse dunk and it’s down to 8, wow, isit a reverse dunk? my god troll with the moves!!

– WOW, it’s a double clutch reverse dunk, I’ll see you at Sportscenter Sasha, 8 point lead only, the Cavs are coming back in, time again for some LeBron Magic.!! WOW, the BLOCK! but this game is over, let’s bring game 2 over shall we?

– oh wait, Gibson for three, back down to 8! Stripped!! Cavs ball, ok it’s over, and Horry with the nice pass for another Duncan dunk. Look at least the Cavs didn’t got theselves blown out right? they kept it close with LeBron struggling, so imagine a Cavs team with LeBron clicking, Game 2 will be good.

– ok wait again Gibson another three, but it’s done. Parker with the three point play and Tony Parker sucks. I’m done here, see you tomorrow!



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