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Nets’ Draft Update#2 June 7, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Dashaun Wood, NBA Discussions, NBA Draft, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, Off-Season, Stephane Lasme, youtube.

It’s the second day of the combined work outs between The Nets and The Knicks, and I bet Isiah Thomas his view is obstructed for good and I’m lazy so i’ll just set off by showing SOME videos of the four guys that came for the private workouts. i would though, say something about Dashaun Wood, I like guys from small schools or second round picks, undrafted guys making it big in the league, and Wood’s name came bursting out of nowhere since he led Wright State past Butler and into the NCAA Tournament and there’s no looking back since, so if he’s going undrafted, please Stefanski! please! sign him to a rookie deal..

Dashaun Wood

Stephane Lasme

Lasme averaged 5.1 blocks in his senior season, ah shotblocking just what we needed, but wait, Sam Clancy is a bust, they look the same, undersized shotblockers will not have a good future, prove me wrong

There will be more Draft pick previews soon, and then there’s the NBA Finals tomorrow. my my.



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