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Looking Forward Feature #5 June 7, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Lawrence Frank, NBA Discussions, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

#5 What do we do with Lawrence Frank

The recent fiasco revolving potential and former NBA coaches, Stan Van Gundy, Billy Donovan, how Pat Riley is being an ass for asking for compensation from the Magic if they want SVG, how Billy Donovan backed off the job and wants to return home to mummy, and now van Gundy is going to the Kings? madness..

Meanwhile, Jeff van Gundy is still available, so, the question is, should the team take him and replace Lawrence Frank with JVG? well, i like Jeff as a coach, but i sure as hell don’t like him as a commentator, so he better get a job somewhere soon, because the moment he started commentating the black holes around the universe got bigger, and he absorbing all the other words from Mark Jackson.

I would have certainly endorsed Lawrence Frank’s departure during the mid season, why? because he sucked, anyway he did redeemed himself during the playoffs, i think he outcoached both Sam mitchell and Mike Brown, just that against Brown’s team, the players failed him, which brings us to his biggest flaw as a coach, not being creative enough, no, I’m not saying he doesn’t run good sets or whatever, but he isn’t creative in rotating his players, how many players were there in the rotation? 7?8? guys stucked on the bench never had the chance to prove themselves except for the occasional 20-30 minutes by the odd player say Josh Boone or Eddie House. He sticks with the same players even when they aren’t giving him back the same level of commitment he gave to them, example? Vince Carter, and to a certain extent Antoine Wright.

BUT, he proved that he can still win and i somehow think that he’s a lucky charm to the team, maybe his kiddy looks made that up for me. He is still one of the better coaches in the team but the team’s transition from a good defensive team to n average one has to be noted, and he has to do something about it.



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