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Nets’ Draft Update June 6, 2007

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Everyone is digging on how Durant wasn’t even able to bench press even once, well, see if you take a closer look at Draft Express’ full statistics, Brandan Wright only managed to bench press like twice, so, er, Brandan Wright looks way more fragile than Kevin Durant, and, he can’t even hit a jumper from outside, so….Brandan Wright should drop out of the top three that’s it. Which also essentially means that, all these tests or whatever suits the NFL, but not the NBA.
Florida State at UNC
he couldn’t even bench press 3 times

The Nets are doing combined workouts together with the Knicks (btw), well because the Knicks suck, and they are drafting at 23, and the Nets at 17, so it’s close proximity, and they decided to held joint workouts, to save time due to the new restrictions, first up the workouts starts in New York first, which i sense abit of conspiracy going, the Knicks people will try and hide something from us, i can sense it, it’s Supernatural stuff you know.First of all, for Day 1, the list of players here are downright good, you’ve got SEC Player of the Year, Derrick Byars, Big East scoring leader Demetris Nichols, Chris Sumpter from Villanova, and Sammy Mejia of DePaul.I like Chris Sumpter alot, he’s a guy whom we could bring off the bench and play defense and get rebounds, but drafting him with the 17th pick seems too wasteful for a guy who torn his ACL twice, injury risks you know…

Sammy Mejia, i don’t know much about him, i know he’s a PG in a SG’s body something like an in between, like John Salmons

Then there’s Demetris Nichols, who can hits shots from almost anywhere, and he’s some sort of an instant offensive machine, but that’s it, shoots too much and does very little of anything else.

My favorite among the bunch? Derrick Byars, the SEC Player of the Year. A 6’7 guy who can shoot handle and play D, he could spell RJ at the 3 and do other little things, but still he isn’t what we really need, i don’t know bout the Knicks though, they seem content to draft out of the norm don’ they, Balkman..and all, they can’t seem to stop, do a sign and trade for Vince Carter please.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day i’m looking forward to, with guys like Dashaun Wood, projected as an undrafted, and if he is we better get him a contract, and Stephane Lasme, a shot blocker and a physical specimen himself, my say here, is that we need someone like Josh McRoberts with the 17th pick, who is coming in on the 7th, other highlighters includes Jared Dudley, the ACC Player of the Year, Jason Smith, Glen Davis and Nick Young from USC.

Nets Draft Workout Schedule

In Other updates, Boki Nachbar will be fresh for the start of the new season, since now he’s not joining up with his national running mates for the Euro Basket competition, how lame is the name Euro Basket?

and…about what i said, the Knicks trying to sabotage us, here you go

“Guys from both teams, everybody was in the gym together, talking,” smiled Stefanski. “There were no poker faces. Nobody was trying to fake each other out.”



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