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NBA Finals Preview – The Chosen One ay? June 5, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Discussions, NBA Finals, NBA Playoffs, NBA predictions, San Antonio Spurs.

You know, so yesterday i saw this SLAM with the Suns on the cover or isit? anyways so there this guy (no not God Shammgod) Ricky Rubio, whom they marvel as the best player in the world or whatever, a phenom. And to top that, i had pizzas and ice creams yesterday, try topping that, oh well.

Speaking of phenoms, is LeBron james still a phenom? i think he has already exceeded that level rite? but watching a guy at only 22 performing feats of which, marvels almost everyone, including the haters, is definitely special, that’s why they are in the NBA Finals.

I bet right now Cleveland is still celebrating, and why shouldn’t they, i mean after all those years of suffering for the Cavs fan all over, Craig Ehlo, Michael jordan, you know… so it’s not at all bad if they continue celebrating, that is if they are intend on resting on the laurels and let the dirtiest team in the league run away with the championship.

The San Antonio Spurs..ah the Spurs, what comes to your mind the first thing someone mentions the word Spurs? no not dirty, wait, well here, the first thing anyone would and will say is Totenham Hotspur, so go figure, anyhow, the Spurs, i can’t say that they are good, because eventhough they are, i won’t say it out either, and yes i’m a hater.

Tony Parker definitely the quickest guard in the league, and definitely the most annoying after Kobe Bryant, Larry Hughes with a bad knee, and the Cavs have a troll at the shooting guard spot while the Spurs have someone who is maybe 90 years old.
Adv : Spurs, creaky knees, but they have a quick guard who gets tons of bogus calls.

Bruce Bowen – LeBron James is going to prove that, no matter how good you are defensively, the better offensive player always wins, and add the fact that Bowen is dirty, i expect to see LeBron bruised and battered after this series, not by hard D, by some hidden knees to the body or whatever by Bowen, YA I SAID THAT! Drew Gooden can hit jumpers and make some flashy passes, but what he doesn’t know is, not everyday is Sunday dude. Tim Duncan the whiniest player in the league, and no doubt the best power forward, but come on, LeBron, need i say anything else?
Adv : Cavs, LeBron’s dunk over Tim Duncan?


Anything or rather anyone is better than Francisco Elson, which means they have Fabricio Oberto, who fights hard for rebounds and can score, the downside for him is that he picks up cheap fouls, Ilgauskas on the other is better than Oberto.
Adv : Cavs, Europeans always beats South Americans, my theory, ooo peanut.

come on man, Mike Brown knows defense, that’s it, offensively, he’s as challenged offensively as Jason Collins is.Gregg Poppovich is Brown’s mentor and three rings speaks volumes, Brown doesn’t run sets, that’s it.
Adv : Spurs, Cavaliers’ best offensive set? give LeBron the ball.

Daniel Gibson just raised his stock up through the roof with his Conference Finals performance against the Pistons, but the Spurs bench is one of the best around with some flopper leading the charge, Manu Ginobili, Cavs bench, other than gibson, Varejao, another flopper, and Snow, other guys are virtually non existent, save for some threes by Jones or Marshall. Spurs bench are stronger and that will be the key to which team wins. Robert Horry? define dirty, he has no legacy come on!
Adv : Spurs, the NBA Finals should have a new award to honor the flopping contest about to happen soon between Varejao and Ginobili. 黄湘怡台北卖巧克力蛋糕 月入超过50万
Donyell Marshall can suck my balls part 2
LeBron has the ability to takeover and so does Tim, Spurs have the better bench and an X-Factor in Ginobili but so does the Cavs in Gibson, but at the end of the day, i hate the Spurs, so….




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