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Playoffs Live Blogging: I’m Part of the Witness Protection Agency June 3, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, NBA live blogging, NBA Playoffs, NBA talk.

Detroit Pistons – Cleveland Cavaliers game 6, today is the night LeBron sends Detroit to somewhere near Lake Michigan for a fishing, Boobie is going to score 10+, GUARANTEED! did Rasheed Wallace guaranteed something? 

– Wait, i thought Charles was somewhat anti Cavs? now he’s saying the Pistons isn’t good enough? oh well..Pistons are FRAGILE..

– Is Kenny Smith on crack or what? oh my god..Reggie Miller again, spare me..i hope Steve Kerr doesn’t go to the Suns, i miss him at Yahoo! do not panic, Detroit..

– What the Fuck? striped suit? light blue flowery tie? sky blue shirt, Craig Sager..enlighten me please, Antonio McDyess > Greg Oden? who looks more prehistoric? i’d say McDyess.

– Larry Hughes is starting again, for no apparent reason other than to lay bricks on the court, taco powder!! more!! i hope there’s no Donyell Marshall sighting today, i hate him.

– Opening tip, Pistons 2-0, Sheed..Mike Brown = boring, how many times does he need to start the game by going to Ilgauskas? he did it against Jersey and now Detroit, and his percentage of converting the play? maybe 20%

– sloppy start here for the Cavs, C-Webb and Billups both scoring, wow, nice pass by James to Gooden, Ilgauskas was certain he would get the ball, he’s dissapointed.

– Sasha = bad Free Throw shooter, and they are forcing the rest of the Cvs to score, James tripled teamed.

– Larry!!!….Hughesy on the bad knee..Rip and the face mask = bad omen, he should drop that.

– Pavlovic could not check Hamilton, and Pavlovic with the sloppy pass, and Pavlovic shut down VC, and Pavlovic stands for troll in Cantonese.

– Larry hughes is a bad shooter, check, he just hit another three..i’ll be quiet after the Sheed dunk.

– Pavlovic scoop layup whatever you name it, Ilgauskas converting on a tip shot, they credit Gooden with the assist for that?

– they need a timeout here, oh yes, they called it, the Cavs are getting abit too flashy here, yo Gooden, not everyday is Sunday alright, Billups 2-2 already, oh, but so is Hughes. hah!

– Pavs with three, and Craig Sager = fugly, Video Game James need to force the issue abit, don’t do a Jeff Green. McDyess flagrant alert! Let’s fight!!! who got the technical? owh, C-Webb and Pavlovic, Pavs’ a virus, something like a mini Ginobili and so is Varejao.

– James hits the tech FT, and jumpball Dice, Delfino just travelled!! what the heck? James again and the near foul, he’s definitely a better Free Throw shooter right now than he is before after he started to bend his knees.

oh Stevie announcing his new job oppurnity..Mark Jackson and Marv Albert for the next TNT tandem anyone?

– Pavlovic with the double clutch and a how bunch of players scrmabling, Gibson in the game! James with his 5th assists already, and Carlito hits, 22-21 Cavs

– Jumpball part 2 advantage Hughes, Carlito and one! hits the FT as well, 25-21, Varejao draws the offensive foul, Delfino vs Varejao 1 on 1 anyone? Gibson for threeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and the fould, nice one Nazr, why is he even in the game…Gibson 2-3, End of the first quarter, 27-21 Cavs.

– What’s the woman behind LeBron doing pointing at his butt? Sager again..ouh a malfunction or something? The Quicken Loans Arena = worse than the TD Waterhouse Center, and we’re waiting for tons of problems in the arena to settle…..

– Let’s go!! a shot clock less game 6, this WILL be UGLY..10 seconds,.. omg, a Donyell Marshall sighting and he shoots a brick.

– Marshall again for three? what the hell? Donyell Marshall with a defensive three seconds call, man he’s part of everything right now, Pistons misses the T. 30-21 Cavs, what? Sheed hits and whatever just happened, yes i’m blurr

– James checked by Hunter? haha, are they giving up? LeBron wow, ouh he missed the dunk, ouh james, to the line again, Sager shut up!! wait, oh okay, conclusion is, the Cavs need a new arena. 31-23 Cavs.

– McDyess is so damn good, Marshall is no match for Dice, come on coach Brown get him out of there, and he shoots another brick he’s 1-3 now, Jones another brick, Varejao behind the back and lays another brick for the foundation of the new building

– Jumpball part 3, advantage Cavs, another and one? man….Cavs need to clam down right now, don’t run sets, give the ball to Bron. Gibson and one! wait? it’s a charge? nope blocking foul, 34-30 Cavs.

– haha Prince, too showy there, Dice three fouls, C-Webb back in, Pavlovic with a smart play there, and hits both FTs.

– another late call.. there’s like 5-6 calls today that were made after the shot had been taken, is this a record or something? Kobe Bryant wants some love, yo mamba!

– Pavs another bad pass, and Prince going to the line, get LeBron back in the game dammit, this is ugly..LeBron is back, another defensive 3 second call? Doug Collins still thinks he’s a coach? Z right place right time!

Give Hamilton a T!!T!!T!!T!!T!! Bron no FGs, but has gone to the line 7 times, the refs have to call the game looser, let the game have abit of flow in it, they’re disrupting the flow with those calls.

– Gibson is injured and he just stepped on Rip’s knee or something, Bron has to score right now, the Cavs need the lead into the half. Pavs back in for Gibson, what the hell, alright he did touch it, good call then, i’m bitter

– When he drives, he’s unstoppable, sounds familiar ey? 9 FT attempts already, James statline update, 9 points, 6 assists, 7 rebounds, and one? again? yo Webb. You can’t say players step onto the court here at the Q, you have to say they stepped up onto the court because the court is higher than the bench, Terrell Owens sighting!!

– Hughesy! 45-43 Cavs, Gooden with another crazy pass, this second quarter is just plain ugly, i need a rest. Varejao cannot perform in the post alright? and Verajo just flopped, Tell me the connection between South Americans and flopping?

OH!! LEBRON JAMES WITH THE LEFT HANDED BLOCK! give Rip a T!! Hughesy make your FTs please! Prince scores 48-46, some announcer is smelling James’ butt, another Piston foul! Bron 9 points all from the line.

Half Time even at 48! i’m outta here for breakfast.



1. Looove Cleveland - June 4, 2007

“Pavlovic could not check Hamilton, and Pavlovic with the sloppy pass, and Pavlovic shut down VC, and Pavlovic stands for troll in Cantonese.”

Hahaha… funny, but I understand how you guys feel… bitter and miserable. Just read LeBrons shirt at the end of last nights game…. that’s what we are. Champions.

2. netsophobia - June 4, 2007

oh yeah, and Pavlovic too, he’s way too passive anyway.

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