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Youtube Throwback: Vince Carter June 1, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in New Jersey Nets, Vince Carter, youtube.

If only he was making this kind of shots in game 6 against the Cavs

and check out what this guy had to say in the comments

Wow good job for Kobe. But VC also shot 8 for 8 in the play-offs with a total 9 3-pointers in a game, which set several records (most/most consecutive), and where is Kobe? Aren’t the play-offs supposed to be the real testing stone for a player? Don’t get me wrong I have full respect for Kobe as a player, but next time when you try to downplay Vince’s performances please try to be persuasive.



1. stopmikelupica - June 1, 2007

I like these YouTube Throwbacks. Maybe you can find some footage from the game against the Jazz this season where Vince Carter exploded in the 4th quarter, and not just jump shooting, but driving too.

This game against Memphis is actually what’s wrong with Vince – if you look at it, Memphis isn’t even guarding him at the arc, so Vince is just content to chuck threes. They were going in on this night, but on other nights they don’t (because someone is D-ing Vince at the arc), and that’s not Vince at his best. At his best he’s taking his man off the dribble, and driving to the hoop, which creates double teams (freeing up the rest of the team) and room at the arc so he shoot his threes uncontested.

The question, as it as always been with Vince in Jersey, is how do you convince him to drive hard? Like Game 3 against the Raptors, 1st half. What makes him tick?…

2. netsophobia - June 1, 2007

well, part of the reason i’m posting throwbacks, it’s because i’m hitting some sort of an inspirational block.

As for Vince, you are spot on there, that game he shot 20 threes, 20!!. VC is an enigma, a fake saviour, he amazes you with some other worldly plays, but takes away that hope of whatever he’s going to become by getting himself locked down by some troll named Pavlovic.

what makes him tick? hmm…i don’t even know he’s “tickable”, i mean as in, i don’t think anything or anyone can motivate him, BUT the catch is he’s actually attacking the basket more when he’s in Jersey.

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