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Hey This Nightmare Could Happen May 31, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Discussions, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

You know all this bullshit about Kobe Bryant getting traded, or he demanded a trade, wanted Jerry West hired or whatever, just proves that even the NBA Playoffs are losing it’s edge, i mean it’s the Finals and no one is giving a damn how good Daniel Gibson is doing (okay, maybe some did), or how the Jazz struggled playing against the Spurs. Instead all the buzz is around a guy who is generating buzz because he’s demanding a trade.

For me, i hope Kobe rots in L.A, like rot in L.A, damned forever, never to ever win another championship ever, staying with a team which is going to be mediocre forever until the end of his career, of course he still has that three rings, but that’s about it, individual accolades are all he can hope for.

Anyway, Lang Whitaker from SLAM has this interesting article on how Kobe Bryant could be on every single team in the NBA depending on the deals made,

NEW JERSEY NETS: If LA wants a marquee name, they go get Vince plus Richard Jefferson. Not sure how well the Triangle works when the shooting guard refuses to drive to the basket. The Nets could team Kobe, Kidd and Krstic. Terrified to think of what nickname the New York Post would give those three.

By doing that deal, i would probably sulk in front of my computer everyday, and think of how tormenting it is blogging about my favorite basketball team and in it their star is one of the players i loathe the most.

Lang Whitaker again, came up with another trade idea,

Kidd goes to L.A., and Bynum goes to Jersey. Soon. The Bynum Brigade might need to establish an East Rutherford chapter.

(And while we’re at it, I hear Vince is going to be heading to Orlando.)

Could this all be wrong? Of course. Maybe I’m getting played like the rest of the media was. But I don’t think it’s wrong. If I’m right I’ll remind you about it often. If I’m wrong, I’ll delete this post.

So Kobe gets Kidd, Orlando gets Vince, and the Nets get Andrew Bynum and a reduced payroll while they prep for their move to Brooklyn.

Just throwing this rumor out there. Discuss…



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