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Rebuild or Hold Out? May 26, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Discussions, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, Vince Carter.

I don’t call this season a dissapointment, because from what i’ve seen, i’d rather say that last season was a fluke, the 49 wins from last season, total fluke. Which in turn, gave the team, the fans, everyone including myself, false hope that coming into this season, this team could actually contend for a championsip, which is totally not the case.

So, do we scrap the team and rebuild all over again, or we keep the team for another year and see what happens? If someone asked me this question two months before, I would probably say that resigning VC in the off-season is the number one priority for the team, but my mind totally swayed somewhere during the Conference Semis, when he choked the team out of it’s breath, so if you ask me now, i would probably say trade the damn fucker.

Look, John Stockton was still going strong and leading a team deep into the playoffs until what? 40? Jason Kidd has a chance to do the same thing with this team, with or without VC, but for Kidd to get that elusive ring, Carter has to go, definitely.

Let’s just say the team gambles on a rebuilding effort, throw Vince Carter out of the drain, we still have Richard Jefferson on two crooked knees right? and Kidd, Krstic, we’ll just have to figure out how to fill up that 2 guard spot, but VC is definitely not our man, and by letting VC walk, it’s not really a rebuilding effort, letting Kmart go was definitely a bigger blow than this could possibly be.



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