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Looking Forward Feature #6 May 25, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Mikki Moore, NBA Discussions, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

#6 Do we Resign Mikki Moore?

Well, shall we? the answer is, NO, It’s not like i don’t like Mikki, but somewhere deep inside me tells me he’s gonna be Chris Wilcox, and a even more flaccid version of Wilcox. Mikki Moore is a guy who’s good for maybe 20-23 minutes per game, but if he asks for more money than he deserves, then we should let him walk, I’m sure there’ll be teams who will overpay him, after the playoffs, and the team would be wise not to match that offer.

No matter what, i still think that Moore is a one hit wonder, Moore isn’t starter material and i think everyone knows that, he was put into a position where he performed reasonably and that’s it (something like Jerome James), so the team would be better off spending that mid level exception on someone else, someone like i said before in the previous posts, Antonio McDyess, Darko or Joe Smith.



1. James Taylor - July 1, 2007

What crack are you smoking? Joe Smith? Are you serious? What did he do last year because I’m pretty sure Mikki Moore lead the league in field goal percentage and put up career numbers for the season and the playoffs. This was the first year he was actually afforded the opportunity to start and get quality minutes and he thrived in it. If Jersey lets Moore go they’re making a huge mistake. Yeah, maybe they should take the cash they would spend on him and put it towards a more pressing issue like resign “team leader” Vince Carter. Air Cananda, alright – I wish he’d go back there. His .395 Field Goal percentage in was key in the playoffs, huh? Not to mention his idiotic ball handling with seconds left to go that basically lost the Nets the game and whatever hope they had of making it to the finals. But I’m sure you’re lining up behind good ol’ Vince to support his undeserved contract hike. Moron.

2. netsophobia - July 1, 2007

Basically what I’m saying is, if he’s still willing to sign a contract with the veteran’s minimum, I’d say we take him, if he doesn’t, It would be better that the team lets him go, and If you would want some cmparable stats between Moore and Joe Smith, mail me and I email them to you.

3. James Taylor - July 2, 2007

Basically, what I’m saying is that there is no downside to Mikki Moore. He’s already said he’s willing to take less than what he deserves if it means keeping the strong nucleus of this team together. He’s a vet, a team leader, and an energizer on the floor – you don’t get that kind of locker room stuff from Joe Smith. Luke Walton just signed a $30 mill, six year deal. Moore is worth that kind of money, but if Jersey attempts to sign him now they can get a great deal versus letting him go meet up with Zack Randolph who’s now in New York or his old boy Ray Allen who just relocated to Boston. Sign him now before he becomes a part of another East Coast presence the Nets will have to fight through.

4. netsophobia - July 3, 2007

I agree with you there, but with Nenad Krstic returning and Sean Williams getting drafted, there is no possible way for Moore to play more than 25 minutes pg, so if you’d think that a player who plays that kind of minutes and gets paid with money that is 3/4 of what RJ gets, that would be a big mistake. Moore isn’t getting any younger nor is he going to get any better, he is what he is now. So unless he stays for less money, I’d say we focus our priorities elsewhere.

5. James Taylor - July 5, 2007

I’m not saying that more replaces Krstic, but he definitely compliments him. As for Sean Williams, I hope the Nets know something that Boston College and the rest of the Basketball world didn’t because they are taking a huge gamble on a kid that didn’t even finish his last season due to the fact that he was booted off of his squad. Pay Mikki Moore and be done with it. He and Krstic can help bring up Williams and now you’ve got a great balance of vets and youth – Kidd, Jefferson, VC (unfortunately), Moore, Krstic is a pretty nasty starting five. Nachbar, Boone, Williams, and Williams with a few more role players coming off the bench ain’t bad either. If Clevland can make it to the Finals that squad definitely can as well.

6. netsophobia - July 6, 2007

yup, If a squad that has Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones making it to the finals, any team can. Anyway, we’ll just have to hope that Moore stays for less money, and we can get Andray Blatche here as well.

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