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Looking Forward Feature #7 May 24, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Joe Smith, Marcus Williams, NBA Discussions, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, Vince Carter.

#7 Free Agency

Firstoff, what the Nets lack right now is a big man of some caliber, even a one dimensional defensive center like Desagan Diop would do, but we don’t have that kind of personnel right now, the best we could dish out? er… Clifford Robinson..any takers?

Secondly, what we need is, another big man as well, someone maybe like Chuck Hayes, Brian Skinner, who can provide quality backup minutes for Krstic at C or anyone at PF, and of course provide some off the bench scoring

Finally, the Nets need another guard, a Point guard to be precise, why? we already had Jason Kidd isn’t it? you still have someone like Marcus Williams who has a bright future infront of him, yea, i agree, but to an extent, Kidd isn’t like he’s immortal and stay playing basketball until some asteroid hits Earth, so which generally means that Marcus is the only one left to man the point, unless you bring back Zoran Planinic from somewhere/

I’m particularly big on Darko Milicic, i know he’s inconsistent with his play, but he brings shot blocking, and he’s already a 4 year vet which alot of potential, but then again, potential is something that is always given too much credit for, but he’s among alot of players that i think could bring the Nets to the next level (players like Kevin Garnett are included in the list).

Guys like Joe Smith, Kurt Thomas, Antonio McDyess are guys who fits the role that Mikki Moore played, hitting jumpshots, provide some inside scoring, although both the three of them are definitely better rebounders that Moore.

Jamaal Magloire, just three years off his last All-Star appearance, and at 29, age is still fairly on his side, Portland would probably let him go since they landed the no.1 pick in the draft, he would go even if they hadn’t win the lottery either.

One guy from the Bobcats that i think we could really get is Primoz Brezec, he shoots the ball well and unlike other European centers, he’s a rare case of Zaza Pachulia, an inside banger. There aren’t alot of players out there we could get from Free Agency and add in the fact that the Nets don’t have that much salary cap, it all depends on what Vince Carter could bring us.



1. stopmikelupica - May 24, 2007

I like the idea of Jamaal Magloire on the Nets – he could run, and is a PF/C, which means he and Nenad would play well off each other. I actually think this would be a great pickup for the Nets, if they can pull it off (a few other teams will be interested).

I also like Darko as a backup plan, though I’m not sold on his offensive skills. But defensively he could really strengthen the interior defense (a weakness on the Nets). Those are two guys I would like to see the Nets sign.

2. netsophobia - May 24, 2007

i like Magloire too, but whether he’s going to be successful or he’s going to do a Marc Jackson, that remains to be seen, the Nets right now do not need an elite big men if they keep their core players, they need a solid guy who can produce abit, just like how Todd MacCulloch used to do.

More on Darko in the later posts, LOL, nice to have you here again by the way.

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