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Boston’s Season of Wonders May 23, 2007

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Winning 23 games isn’t really spectacular, but if you wanna win the draft, winning 23 is a good prerequisite to seccure the No.1 pick but admitting to tanking isn’t, it’s like some prawn ass selling out King Arthur to the Celts.

Let’s do a Recap of the Celtics season, First they lose Paul Pierce to injury, after that, they slump into their worse losing streak in franchise history, than as if injuries aren’t their calling card, Tony Allen decides to make one by contorting his legs through the dumbest plays in history, you think that’s all? oh no…

Delonte West decides that enough isn’t enough, and goes off with his Valentines Day culinary arts spree, then there’s Ryan Gomes slightly confessing about the team tanking towards the lottery, oh wait, even Danny Ainge admits to tanking

“The same people that want to say that Doc, for whatever reason, was tanking games, which he wasn’t doing, also want to hold that record on him,” said [Boston GM Danny] Ainge shortly before the season ended. “So, he’s either doing what’s in the best interest for the long term of the Celtics or he’s not a good enough coach to win games. But it can’t be both. Doc is a team player. He does what’s best for the franchise.”

There’s more, Sebastian Telfair had dreams of Indiana Jones therefore he had this gun in his car and was caught chasing Danica Patrick by the Powerpuff Girls, had visions of himself crying and resorted to begging for a new life, Through the Fire ladies and gentlemen, Through the Fire

“I wanted to let you know that we have removed Sebastian’s nameplate from his locker in Waltham

Paul Pierce back again after his spell of fighting cancers like Ainge, decides not to be too patriotic and turns down his chance of playing for the National Team, wait did he say never ever? never ever ever? Gary Payton and Antoine Walker got bitter on how old and fat they were, decides to attack someone their age, Greg Oden.

“All [Oden’s] going to do is bring fans in here,” the Miami Heat point guard said in the locker room before tonight’s game. “That’s it. That’s all they want. We aren’t talking about no playoffs here. They’re not going to the playoffs. If they’re sold out that’s good. They want to make their money.”

“If they get Oden they still ain’t going to do [crap], period” said Antoine Walker, sitting just a few feet away.

And for the Grand Finale?

“I probably (would have played), but since we were in the hunt for a high draft pick, of course things are different,” Gomes said. “I understand that. Hopefully things get better. Now that we clinched at least having the second-most balls in the lottery, the last three games we’ll see what happens. We’ll see if we can go out and finish some games.”

Most balls in lottery history? check

My buddy Flow had this to say ‘the Celtics deserves the no.1 pick just because they had Rajon Rondo in their team’ which i had no idea why he said that. But back to Rajon Rondo, he’s making news because he’s probably the only Celt to make us think of Jason Kidd.

So the Celtics already had fantasies of either Durant/Pierce, or Oden/Pierce leading them to another championship, or maybe a Oden/Jefferson tandem to tear through the Eastern Conference, scour all the Celt blogs and see whether they had it going on, something like ‘the Dynasty is going to change’ or ‘Oden is starting straightaway’.

and come Lottery night,someone told Danny Ainge about the story where the Frail-Blazers, had the worst record in the league and they hoped to get to win the lottery, but instead they end up with the 4th pick, which of course they used to draft a ROY winner. Danny Ainge shrugs that odd as if it was another joke about Doc Rivers, so The Celts who had hopes of the no.1 or no.2 pick, ends up with no.5…NO.5 pick, which means from a franchise cornerstone, you get someone like……Joakim Noah? but hey, take heart by the fact the Blazers had ROY with their 4th pick, maybe Noah could win the Wimbledon, AND maybe after another year of tanking maybe going 1-81, the Cs could win the lottery, just like how the Blazers did.



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