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Looking Forward Feature #8 May 22, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Josh Boone, Mikki Moore, NBA Discussions, NBA talk, Nenad Krstic, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

#8 Shoring up the Frontcourt

The easiest way to describe the Nets’ frontcourt? CRAP, alright maybe abit too harsh, but it’s quite close to that shit. Our frontcourt consists of crappy bulls like Jason Collins and Clifford Robinson, less crappy players like Mile Ilic, promising studs like Josh Boone, Cornerstone pieces like Nenad Krstic and also the possible one hit wonder Mikki Moore.

Clifford Robinson is a Goner, Mile Ilic is going to be a goner soon as well, Jason Collins should be on the bench, Josh Boone still have a long way to go before taking the next step, Krstic is already there soon, Mikki Moore, although with that brilliant season, should be let go and ply his trade somewhere else.

Focusing on Mikki Moore, he had a brilliant season leading the league in FG %, but other than scoring the basketball and the occasional game changing block, that’s about it isn’t it, with Krstic back, Moore will have even less shot attempts to work with, but he still doesn’t bring what the Nets want defensively, a shot blocker and a rebounder who can coral in rebounds. He brings it offensively but not defensively, that’s why i think the Nets should let him go.

Josh Boone is the most promising of the bunch, but everyone, including myself, will have to be not overly reliant on Nenad Krstic, although he’s already one of the best centers in the East already, it would be a big mistake to think that he’s the missing piece towards a championship, he still needs to work on his rebounding and his particularly awful defense.

No matter what happens, it would really please me to see Jason Collins on the bench and not starting, which means we will need to either strengthen our frontcourt from the draft or either free agency to fill the void left by Clifford Robinson or maybe the departure of Mikki Moore.



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