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Draft Preview Picks: Yi Jian Lian May 21, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Draft, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, Yi Jian Lian.

This Draft Preview is where i focus on the possible picks the Nets could take and players where i fancy the Nets picking, and maybe prevent another 1st round bust like Jason Collins.

图文:男篮西装革履出征亚运 易建联��人出发
Yi JianLian, 易建联  
7’0″ 230 lbs
  Guangdong Tigers

Yi is my favorite player in the draft, not only i see him as a potentially great player, i see him as a great fit for the Nets offense as well. DraftExpress had him getting drafted in the 9th position and NBA Draft.net had him going in 5th, so for New Jersey to draft him is fairly impossible, unless we trade to move up.

– Good Court Vision
– Impressive Athleticism,
– Able to run the floor well
– Consistent jumpshot from 18 – 20 feet.
– Ball handling skills
– 7’2″ wingspan
– able to standout with his rebounding ability

– Age (which i think is a bunch of bullshit, why the fuck every Chinese player is surrounded with how old are they, can’ they accept the fact that he’s 20? oh no, they have to go around and say he’s 40 for god’s sake, does Greg Oden look 20? i don’t see anyone throwing gauntlets around saying he’s of Neanderthal age, alright, maybe there is.)
– Lack of upper body strength
– Gets riled up by rough play
– No real position in the NBA
– Language
– Unable to read the flow of the game correctly

What He Brings to the Nets
Imagine a guy, no, two guys, Krstic and Yi both of them capable of hitting shots from the outside, and add in the fact that Yi is a competent shot blocker, sounds tasty isn’t it? having two guys who can both spread the court means more space for guys like Kidd, Jefferson and Carter to operate, AND, Yi plays the 4, so Krstic can slide back to the 5, which is really good stuff right here.

How can the Nets get him
Ed Stefanski has seen Yi played and is impressed by his play, but other than trading up or making a draft day deal, i don’t see how New Jersey could land Yi, Richard Jeffersoand the 17th pick could be enough to lure teams into giving up the 9th or 5th spot, but if i were to choose between Yi or RJ, i’ll take the latter.



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