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Looking Forward May 20, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Discussions, NBA Draft, NBA Playoffs, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season.

The 06/07 season for the Nets are over, but there’s still alot of things to look forward to, the Lottery, the Draft, all the BS surrounding the Nets players. There’s alot of things that the Nets need to address in the off-season, here’s the TOP TEN of my LOOKING FORWARD Feature.

10. Getting rid of Clifford Robinson

9. Evaluate the future of the likes of Antoine Wright, Marcus Williams and Bernard Robinson.

8. Shoring up the Frontcourt

7. Free Agents

6. Do we resign Mikki Moore?

5. What do we do with Lawrence Frank?

4. The Draft

3. Do we trade Richard Jefferson?

2. Vince Carter’s contract status

1. Jason Kidd’s trade status

I will be doing player evaluations, but it will be short and simple, i don’t think going long winded about how Jason Collins needs to improve his play, or Vince Carter is a choker will actually interest anyone.

I will too, be focusing more on the draft rather than the Playoffs, which in my opinion has lost it’s shine after the Spurs and Suns series, and throw in the fact that the Nets are out, the nothing for me to root for, however, i’ll be behind the Cavs and Jazz for two reasons, one is for the jazz to whip the Spurs’ dirty ass, the other is for Cleveland, who beat the Nets to win it all, therefor we actually lost to champs, not dorkheads.



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