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Looking Forward Feature #10 May 20, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Clifford Robinson, NBA Discussions, NBA talk, Off-Season, youtube.

#10 Getting Rid of Clifford Robinson

Okay, Cliffy has been in New Jersey 3 years and i don’t mean to say that he’s washed up or whatever, but playing the last 3 years of his 17 year career here at Jersey just spoiled his legacy, especially how this season went on, I appreciate what Cliff brings to the team, veteran leadership, outside shooting, size.

But that’s it, he offers that skillset and that’s it, nothing else.Veteran leadership, we have that in Jason Kidd, and Robinson’s outside shooting the last few seasons isn’t what you would wanna name it as mind boggling, and we have enough players over 6’11” who can’t do alot other than foul the opposing team bigs (no, i’m not looking at you Collins).

Clifford’s most telling contribution this season had been that game winning putback he put up i think against the Knicks, and that’s it, defensively i think he still has the smarts to guard his man, but more often he’s getting blown by and either not strong enough to rebound the basketball. Offensively he still can hit shots, but his numbers have been consistently down from let’s say his Detroit days, and he’s shooting only 44% from the stripe.

I appreciate what you brought to the Nets in your three seasons here, butting getting rid of you is a must in order for guys like maybe say Josh Boone to develop, Lawrence frank could rope you in as a coach, but i hope you do end your playing days after this season.

Waiving Clifford Robinson ($500,000 salary protection if waived on or before 7/15/07, thereafter full)

should Cliff stay or go? tell me in the comments



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