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Playoffs Live Blogging, SURVIVAL BABY! May 19, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA live blogging, NBA Playoffs, New Jersey Nets.

– alright, i’m starting late but that’s because i just decided to do so right about……………NOW, let’s read the situation right now, down 15, FG shooting SUCK, nobody could make a shot, and the Cavs are rebounding everything.

– Mikki Moore, ugh, technical again? what is Hubie Brown doing announcing a Nets game? bad omen. (my bad it’s Mark Jackson, whatever happened to your’re better than that?)

– Larry Hughes just outhustled the entire Nets team, and Nachbar is just standing there looking for Toblerones, Moore just made a shot, you can’t dunk?

– Lawrence Frank looks like a kid who’s yapping around because he couldn’t get his ice cream. Drew Goodern trying that turnaround jumper again, come on, not everyday is Sunday you know.

– another missed three, we’re 1-8 now, and it’s only going to get worse. I told you James is going to get his points, and he did, but the problem is Gooden and Marfuck is getting 19 points, what the heck?

– Carlito WALKED!!! Vince Carter just missed another chance to dunk a basketball, instead favoring a finger roll. Cavs 11-0 Fastbreak points. UGGGGERLY.

– UGH, DUNK IT OKAY? Carter decides to trust Moore and misplaces the pass, good night Gooden with the putback.

– Nachbar baby! Nachbar! Nachbar! Nachbar! Nachbar! down 15, okay, suddenly down 15 doesn’t sound so bad. LeBron James is scoreless in the second half so Drew Gooden should shut up. Oh my dad cut me some slack and asked me to buy ice creams.

Alright look, 15 it’s managable, it’s not 20+ so it’s fine, two qaurters, 8 per quarter we can come back and win this alright, have faith, LeBron James is starting to shoot jumpers already, his team mates aren’t going to be hot forever, they can’t, Marfuck staying hot for 48 minutes is like playing Homeworld 2 on a Pentium 2, it doesn’t work that way. Start the second half strong PLEASE, I’m BEGGING YOU.

Richard Jefferson is tryin to be a little bit more aggressive than the other guys? how aggressive is shooting jumpers? The half-time show is a joke, Eric Moore? LOL? anyway, back to the Mikki tech, let’s just say the refs are over reacting, and that’s well said by the whoever he is, the CAA is starved for a DUNK, the last person to dunk the basketball? uhhhhhhhh…. Jason Collins. VINCE! fucking dunk the basketball. NO LAYUPS.

Tom Barrise – Tony Barone anyone?

– What’s the difference between the start of the two quarters? Nothing.

– DUNK IT Richard! i know you layed it off, James with three fouls? good, next thing we know Moore is ejected.

– Kidd four straight, hmmm… building momentum? don’t think so, Goatee ass just made a shot.

– YES BABY! FASTBREAK POINTS COUNT? 13-2 Advantage Cavs, how did it start? good defense, come on Gooden, not everyday is Sunday… same goes to you Jason. I hope what Kidd is doing right now is affecting the other players, and looks like it hasn’t, Gooden sucks.

– oooo LeBron! oooo LeBron! four fouls baby, i told you, you need acting skills to be in the NBA, Moore with the skillz, wait, isn’t that an elbow? four fouls, the Cavs’ peons will have to beat us without their King.

– Oh My Oh My, showing some signs… Jason Kidd 8 points already, LAST TOUCH Cavaliers! Kidd again….WOW

– The Nets are hustling big time, an almost Cavs ball, and Mikki Moore dives, somehow gets the ball off Snow , Nets basketball.

– Wow, RJ, what a block. Pavlovic should take his weak stuff back to somewhere in Serbia i guess. Offensive foul! Nets ball. Cavs’ Europeans should eat cow dung.

– RJ two straight TOs? what a way to negate that crazy block, oh wait, great lay-up i take it back, 10-0 run now. VINCE CARTER!!!!! THAT’s WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! DUNK IT! 12-0 and counting.

Biting fingers are for Crybabies LeBron.

– DUNK IT lah… Vince, acting skills again, Varejao Suck. Jason Kidd, grabbing the baord in between Varejao and Gooden, then going coast to coast for the finish, what a play.

– We HAVE to take the lead going into the fourth, HAVE TO! alright maybe we can’t but i’ll take 60-61.

– yo! Eddie Jordan is in the house! Jay Z! what up! oh duh, then there’s David Stern.

– LeBron James is back in the game, and Damon Assclown Jones is in the game, James back in the game after sitting out the entire quarter looks good, he’s so positively a jumpshooter right now.

– EEWW, Ben Wallace and jason Collins should get together some time, so can Shaq.

– Gibson over Carter? Jason Kidd airball? Carter missed threes? DRIVE TO THE HOLE!

– AND THE FUCK ONE! Kidd missed another three, and Jason Kidd great hustle and Moore with 13 already. What up LeBron, Moore 14, James 14.

– Cavaliers have a bunch of three point shooters out there right now, jumpshooting i love it!

– Jason Kidd statline as of 8.00 left in the fourth, 15 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists.

– Cavaliers hit a three, two threes and it’s 70-63, oh my god, we have to settle down, keep up the way we are playing, don’t go launching threes just because the Cavs are making them, we have to settle!

– LeBron and one, things are getting worse now, we are getting sloppy. Kidd back to the line. 3-3, Vince Carter have to fucking step up right now. Damon Jones is on him.

– The fourth quarter syndrome is back, Marfuck with 5 threes? what the heck? 75-66 Cavs with 15 points in the fourth already? i’m getting desperate! COME ON YOU NETS! GET YOUR ASSES IN IT!

– RJ, Drive to the hole!!! LeBron with that fadeaway, lead up to 10, i think we’re done right now. when the best shot we had is Moore shooting that brick.

– The other players had to beat us right? LeBron james could do what he wants but the rest of those Bullshitters have to beat us right? they did, Marfuck, Daniel Gibson, raining threes, they made their shots, we didn’t, GOOD GAME, see you next season, i think we’re done, i’m gearing myself up for the Suns – Spurs.

– i always hate how people have been overly critical on Vince Carter, but now i have to admit too, Vince Carter is… a choker.

– Marshall with 6 threes. ugh, this is ugly. Hubie Brown talks bullshit.



1. arsenalist - May 20, 2007

Great post man. Do this more often. Although I’m glad the Nets lost I can still feel your pain.

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