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Playoffs Lookaround: Isn’t it Exciting? May 14, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, NBA Discussions, NBA Playoffs, NBA predictions, NBA talk, Phoenix Suns, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz.

Chicago – Detroit blowout series I had high hopes with these series going down to the wire, the Bulls and the Pistons are quite similar teams, plays defense, scores on halfcourts sets and no they have no real go to player (ok, Detroit has Billups), but man, the Pistons showed why they are the class of the East didn’t they, three straight wins against the Bulls, all of them by big margins, the Bulls just couldn’t settle, i see shades of 2004 here, during then Rasheed Wallace was the key piece added to the team, 2007’s piece could be Chris Webber.
Pistons lead 3-0
(edit: Bulls did win game 4 but it’s really sooner or later right now.)

San Antonio – Phoenix grudge series

boy oh boy, this is turning out to be another one of those classic playoff matchups isn’t it, game 1 featured a bloody nose, game 2 had players kicking players attempting dunks, the fallout? the War of Words, Bruce Bowen said he isn’t dirty, i mean come on, which dirty player would ever admit that he was dirty? it’s like the Prime Minister admitting to corruption. Manu Ginobili said he was taking hits too when he’s attacking the rim, yo, Manu, see this, you flopped too much to be taken seriously.So what’s keeping the Spurs in this series? oh yes, good ole Duncan, 32 points in that big game 1, which meant they took care of the Sun’s homecourt advantage. and having won game 3, took a step further to another Western Conference Finals appearance.But i do hope the Suns win this, because for what i’m worth, i think the Spurs are by far the most annoying team in the league, i would have branded them worse if it wans’t for Brent Barry. First, you got the boring dude TD, then you have a dirty player, and then an obssesive big head with a celeb fiancee, a guy who crumbles to the floor on the miniest sign of contact, and a random Center position player generator. how annoying is this starting five? let’s not go to the bench.
Spurs lead 2-1

Golden State – Utah, Arena Showdown series

Everyone was crazed about how raucous the crowd in the Oracle was, but look at the fans in Utah, they pumped the Energy Solutions Arena to a standstill, but Warriors fan needs to focus right herem your team just won one game, although in spectacular faashion, it’s still just one game, you need to claw back to 2 apiece before you can call it a series.

But if you watched the Warriors played in game 3, you have to agree that that team is spectacular, threes after threes, dunks after dunks, big plays after big plays, amazing stuff, Baron Davis just stamped his mark into playoff folklore with that dunk on Kirilenko,

Jazz couldn’t have done better in games 1 and 2, but the root of their problems in game 3? starting Derek Fisher, man i know he’s brave courageous or whatever fuck he is, they give him too much credit for what he’s doing right now, and i don’t agree that you’ll beat the Warriors with both of your starting Guards standing at 6’3, and they are not that particularly fast. No matter who wins, this it has already been a magical season for both teams, but my money is on the Warriors, i’m jumping onto the Warriors Nation bandwagon, oh i did already!
Jazz leads 2-1



1. mrclm - May 14, 2007

Thanks for putting us in your blogroll!

Big Chris

2. netsophobia - May 15, 2007

my pleasure.

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