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Playoffs: Eastern Semifinals: New Jersey Nets – Cleveland Cavaliers game 3 Review May 13, 2007

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You want answers?

you got answers, smallball? answer? NO

Which Vince Carter appeared tonight? ermm, that’s a tough one, i would say it’s borderline Skippy and some oure Vinsanity moments.

Did Jason Kidd get a triple double? Oh By Yes the fuck he did.
Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James, right,  looks for room in second quarter action against the New Jersey Nets' Jason Kidd, left, and Richard Jefferson (24) during their NBA Eastern Conference semifinals game Saturday, May 12, 2007, in East Rutherford, N.J.
no room to score

The Nets answered so many questions tonight i can’t even list them out, the held the Cavs to only 5 offensive boards ONLY, and they had 11, which meant they outrebounded the Cavs. For the first time in the series, the Nets outrebounded the Cavs, 43-30, and the reason for that? good team-rebounding, great box outs, and incredible hustle.

Actually, they Nets did play stretches of the game going small, and very effective as well, it confused the Cavs and made things easier, guys like RJ and Moore were all aggressive attacking the hoop, although Mikki was abit too overly active, two basket inteferences proved that.
New Jersey Nets' Richard Jefferson, right, drives to the basket as he is guarded by Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James during the second quarter of Game 3 NBA Eastern conference semifinal basketball Saturday night, May 12, 2007, in East Rutherford, N.J.
Offensively, Jason Kidd set the tone for the entire game, knocking down threes like lay-ups in the first half, but the key guy in the game was Richard Jefferson, knocking down clutch threes, and strong drives to the hoop, getting to the line in the second half.

Vince Carter was above average tonight, he showed that he can score down low if he wanted to, but still he took too many outside shots where he should have been better off attacking the basket. Jason Collins was excellent with 4 assists. and Antoine Wright showed his potential with his 7 solid points tonight.

The Defense? incredibly excellent! LeBron James 5-16? and 4 of those FGs were jumpers? we effectively made the Cavs a jumpshooting team, even guys like Gooden and Ilgauskas were taking jumpers from 10 feet. Richard Jefferson was excellent tonight in slowing down James, and Collins played well boxing out the Cavs frontline, and the reason we got so many rebounds? by outhustling the Cavs and getting those long rebounds.

Their best player on the court was Larry Hughes and the bulk of his points were from shooting jumpers, let’s hope this continues in game 4, but one thing we’ll have to improve on is cutting down on those Turnover numbers, 17 TOs isn’t going to get the job done every game.

Jason Kidd with his 11th playoff triple double, 2nd on the all-time list, leading the nets to a must win WIN.

Lines of the Game
Final Score: New Jersey Nets 96 – 85 Cleveland Cavaliers
VC Line: 23 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 8-19 FGs
Jason Kidd Line: 23 points, 14 assists, 13 rebounds, 5 threes
Jason Collins Line: 1 point, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 6 PFs
Star of the Game: Jason Kidd, 23 points, 14 assists, 13 rebounds, 5 threes



1. coach - May 13, 2007

i’d say the nets played a balanced game 3 with the big 3 scoring 23. carter need not take all the shot in the clsing minutes of the game. all nets were clicking .

2. netsophobia - May 13, 2007

exactly, if we keep this up, things will certainly look north.

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