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Playoffs: Eastern Semifinals: New Jersey Nets – Cleveland Cavaliers game 1 Preview May 6, 2007

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My suggestion for game 1?
Foul the Cavaliers HARD, send them a message that we Nets aren’t pushovers, but well, not like that hard, it’s just that when they penetrate, show some authority and send them a message, Not In Your House, lol.

But the reality is, we have no shot blockers, Mikki Moore is one, but he isn’t a prolific guy who can block 2-3 shots a game. But once in awhile he will provide those energy blocks and plays which could change the flow of the game.

Why are we talking about Mikki Moore? because he’s the key to game 1, i know he’s not been good at rebounding the basketball, but he needs to come out strong tonight and rebound the ball, show Drew Gooden that he’s no pushover and set the tone for the series. One bad thing is, Moore’s prone to cheap fouls and technicals, so he has to keep his emotions in check.

Another guy who can come up tonight is Josh Boone, he lifted the team in game 5 against T-dot, and i see him coming out again tonight, he’s making is FTs, and he’s always attacking the hoop, therefore he has the ability to get fouls on the Cavs frontcourt.

We’ll get to see whether RJ is good on LBJ, and alot of things, so it would not be a surprise if the Cavs steamroll their way to a win because Lawrence Frank would probably try something. But a win would not be bad.

Keys to Victory
– Crash the boards, protect the pain
– attack the hoop and get fouls early
– Foul them Hard
– Defense, clamp down the lane, deny drives
– don’t get too excited about the Vince Carter – LBJ matchup

Lines for the Game
Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers by 10
VC projection:19, 5, 8
Jason Kidd projection: 15, 10, 11
Jason Collins projection: 3 points, 5 rebounds, 6 PFs
Matchup of the Game: Vince Carter – LeBron James



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