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Playoffs : Eastern Quarterfinals : New Jersey Nets – Toronto Raptors game 6 preview May 4, 2007

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Three keys to victory
– our defense in game 5 was down right atrocious, so the key in game 6 is to come out strong and get some stops early. Mitchell would probably go with a small lineup again, but this time i think we would be better prepared for it, but that doesn’t mean we should alter our starting line-up and go with a small line up as well. We’ll have to defend the three better and cover guys like Mo Peterson, Anthony Parker and Bargnani better. We gave some cheap points to guys like Joey Graham

– the poor defensive start to game 5 stuttered our usually well oiled offense, but if we are able to make some shots early, everything would go just fine, the key is same once again, attack the basket early and open up the game, if the threes aren’t falling, drive to the hole.

3. X-Factor
– Toronto has Andrea Bargnani, we have? Bostjan Nachbar, what do they have in common? they shoot alot of threes, what do they don’t have in common in game 5? Bargnani was hitting shots, Nachbar wasn’t, so Nachbar needs to learn his lesson and start attacking the rim more, take those threes when you’re really open, get your rythm, don’t force the shot.

Vince Carter Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson will have to control the tempo early and attack the basket set the tone for the rest of the guys to play in that tempo.

We’re at home in the CAA for the series decider, so we have to capitalise on it and grab it by the throat. T.J Ford isn’t playing, Calderon is listed as day to day, Chris Bosh is yet to have a big game, everything seems to be in New Jersey’s favor, but i’ve got a bad feeling about this. GO NETS!

Lines for the Game
Final Score: New Jersey Nets by 3
VC Projection: 33, 6, 3
Jason Kidd Projection: 15, 12, 10
Jason Collins projection: 4 PFs, 1 block, 1 steal
Matchup of the Game: Vince Carter – Morris Peterson



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